Dylusions Circle work

Recently I’ve been reacquainted with Pinterest and it’s a trap! I see all the fabulous things and just want to create myself. I can spend hours looking. I saw this great page by “Anna”, with circles of colour and black outlines and knew I wanted to try this for this myself. Blobs of colour… I can do blobs of colour.
This isn’t my original idea, and I’m pretty sure Anna didn’t use Dylusions to colour with, but I just had them on my desk and figured I’d give it a go.  They are so lovely and bright. I used a waterbrush.

I tapped a teeny amount of Dylusions onto a palette and picked it up with the water brush. Happily I discovered that it was perfect blend, no bleeding through the page either, even though I hadn’t bothered to gesso the background.

Pretty soon my page had enough colour.


Add some marker, then some more and it was done. A little useless rambling to add some text. I wanted to make it all poignant and artistic, and yeah, well that wasn’t gonna happen. But not bad for a test shot.



Goodnight, sleep well. xx



One response to “Dylusions Circle work

  1. I really like this! it would make an awesome card too! may just have to try it 🙂

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