Business Excellence Awards

Something to do with writing 3000 words and baring all to others freaks me out.

Well, I did it. I finally filled out the application form and submitted it. Phew.

make it happen

It was an exhausting process, so much writing, and the more I self examined the business, the more I became aware of some great things, and then… some not so great things.

Things to be proud of… and also things I need to work on. Geez, I hate having faults… So without broadcasting all my faults (yes there are more than one) I am endeavouring to do things better for the business. This will help me… and it will also help you.

But the good things are really good! And I was so proud of my submission. I have been nominated for many awards over the years and never actually submitted anything.  We have a rocking little business with so much to be proud of, it was really nice to see this on the pages in front of me. Thanks to the Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (who I have always been very scared of) for the opportunity to take a look at myself and in turn for the judges to take a look at me.

Thanks to whoever nominated me – this is for you. red heart picture

Now it’s in their hands and I can get back to doing what I do.




4 responses to “Business Excellence Awards

  1. That’s awesome sweet daughter, I am so proud of you and now that you’ve finally, after all these years, bitten the bullet to actually complete the application form I am even happier for you. You’ve been nominated many times. Why? Because others believe in you. And people support your business. Why? Because you manage a fantastic business where you give your all. 100%. All the very best and heartfelt congratulations.

  2. wishing you all the luck in the world for your nomination and submission.
    It is great to look back and see what is good and not so good – hard to accept our faults, but great to see our strong points. Obviously you have a lot of strong points as your fabulous little business is still serving our community

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