A new home online for our class kits and more


Class kits are our unique point of difference, we have fabulous classes and many a student has enjoyed them and the different directions they take us in, stretching our skills as we learn new products and alternate ways to use old products. We have kitted up over 6000 scrapbook class kits since our extension classes began, not to mention our easy class kits, and our card making class kits. That’s a whole bunch of kits. All these years later and we are still kitting new ones and our design team dreams up new classes every fortnight.

Previously these classes were so exclusive that you had to ‘be in the know’ to receive them, book in advance for your remote term, attend class, have them saved or sent to you. This still applies.


I am so proud to share with you our latest news for The Scrapbook House. Many hours of  work and planning have finally resulted in a new webstore, where we can sell our beautiful class kits and other products. So you can now go online, check out the page, products, the requirements and even see the second page suggestions online. These can be purchased individually, but you can add as many as you like to your order, you’ll only pay one postage fee.

Catch… the new classes for each term are still run in store, and anyone who has signed up for the full term will be guaranteed the kits. Not all kits will make it to the webstore. Then once the term is done, those kits will go up on the store for sale, after the class is run.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the webstore now and check out the scrapbook class kits – posted anywhere in Australia!



Have a great day!

Kind regards





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