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Staff Photo – 2014 

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I am wife to my perfect (well he thinks he is) husband Andrew and mum to four beautiful children, Joshua, Emily, Matthew and Daniel (twins), also refferred to on the blog as Child #1, 2, 3 and 4.

I love to Scrap, and love my business. I think I am the luckiest person alive, I get to do what I love for work. It doesn’t get any better than that. I have a fantastic customer base and the most wonderful staff and design team to help me along. I happily come home to my beautiful family every day (and Andrew cooks!) and then at night I scrap and sit at my computer (yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd).

Now I have a successful little scrapbook shop I tend to add my odd ramblings here now at this site, and you will often work stuff mixed with my personal stuff. Enjoy, and PLEASE leave comments on my posts to let me know you are reading and your opinions, or just leave a “hello”.

See ya,


I simply can’t do it alone so have enlisted the help of some very talented customers (and staff) of ours to help us design classes and sample pages to display our new stock. Meet our Staff Team Members and Design Team members.



IMGP9753 - Version 2

Hi, my name is Emily

I’m the baby of the team and work on weekends and school holidays. I’ve been surrounded by scrapbooking all my life and it only seemed natural to take up the craft myself. I design and teach the kids classes and have great fun with the girls on the weekends.



IMGP9755 - Version 3

Hi – I’m Sharon

I have recently moved to Geraldton… hopefully the last move as we have done plenty of this over the past few years and time to put down some roots. I am happily married with 3 boys… yes it’s a very noisy and male orientated house… so am looking forward to starting work in the shop and spending some time with all the beautiful women that Tania has been telling me about. I have dabbled in many different arts and crafts in the past but over the past 5 years have developed a love of scrapping…not only pages for albums but also OTP. I love seeing all the amazing LO’s that are displayed in the shop and am continuing to learn new techniques and find more “must have” items to add to my ever increasing stash!
Can’t wait to meet you at the store and see what you are creating to inspire me more!



Vivienne Crudeli

I’m a country girl and very down to earth. Married to a wonderful man, have 4 daughters and 1 son, and 7 grandchildren.Although working, my out of hours activities revolve around craft (patchwork, knitting, sewing,family research, scrapbooking and cards) and my little mending business, family and friends.I started scrapbooking about 7 years ago and only recently acquired a taste for cards (something I never thought would happen (as cards didn’t interest me!!) Well there you go, all Tania’s fault, she got me started!!, now I help her out with classes.So to all you out there, even if you think it doesn’t interest you, come in and give it a go, you never know. Viv



Celeste Glover 3





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Shelley Epps


IMGP9753 - Version 3____________________________

Perhaps you could be on our design team too? Email me ! ___________________________________________________________________________________

The Scrapbook House

Shop 1 284-288 Marine Terrace

Geraldton WA 6530

ph 08 99648288

fax 08 99648299





43 responses to “Meet our Team

  1. Hi Tania I am discovering – pleasantly – didn’t or still don’t really know what a blog is – but will push on.
    Keep the good work up


  2. Tania,
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. You are TOO funny with apologizing on spelling my name wrong. It’s a mirace if just ONE person gets it right in the span of a week! Love this blog and I’ll be back. I’m also going to put you guys on my blogroll.


  3. Corinna… Wow that is so fantastic. Thankyou so much! xxxx

  4. Im looking foward to re disign my site (which is ) and i really like yours.


  5. I don’t think that your email address is working properly. I tried to email you and it came back with an error.


  6. Hi Sammy,
    Fixed now. I have emailed you. Cheers~!

  7. Hi, Love this blog I am findin it very helpful. A frien & I both bought a cricut 6×12 a year ago & have nowhere to do workshops or any lessons on the finer things of using a cricut. wish you were closer to Kiama NSW we would be on your doorstep as often as allowed!!
    thanks for sharing your ideas


  8. Hey Leonie… glad you found us. I will have to look at doing some more Cricut stuff for the Cricut lovers out there. I am missing mine… I have taken it to the shop to use there in class.. Waaa I miss it. Might just HAVE to get the expression now!

  9. Hey Tania was looking, looking, looking through the archives and came across pic’s of retreat will you share a copy of what you have with me. Especially the group shoot and the one of Danielle and me
    Love your boring car stuff couldn’t stop laughing my husband had to come and find out what was tickling my fancy ( no not me get your mind up above your navel girlfriend)

  10. Hey Judy
    Of course I will share my photos with you.. I have LOTS more! Wait till this year… woo hoo, photo opportunities again! It’s going to be great.
    I must update the boring car stuff… I get sidetracked really easily with so much going on. I lost my groupie coming in to ask me to update the blog with the car. Kayyyeeeee.. where are you???
    Love Tan

  11. Update the pictures of the car…

    ..I’m a groupie

  12. Oh man! Pictures too? It’s boring enough without taking pictures? Not a good thing for me to appear too interested… he might try and explain how things work.

  13. Hey Tania thank you for that quick lesson yesterday. I have been ble to make a card for my mum’s birthday with what you showed me. Thanks again your a treasure

  14. Hi Lisa – my pleasure! Thanks for the yak too. x

  15. Hi Tania
    Yes Im on your Blog!!!!Thankyou soooo much for another fabulous Retreat, should be catching up on the housework(none done while I was away)but thought I would drop you a quick line, now Im off to do the washing,the dishes,sweep the floors, wipe the benches……… I might just go and have a nap first!!!
    Thanks again you and Rachel did a Great job, also thanks to all the other Retreaters it was such a lovely friendly bunch.

  16. Hey Bron – you’re a legend! On the blog and all! xxxx

  17. Hi there I just chanced upon this blog, what fun! I can’t wait to visit the store. I’m coming back to Geraldton for the first time in 8yrs. It will be huge as the Patten clan is huge. I can’t wait to take some beautiful photos. Grenough Flats, gorgeous. Back Beach, wild. Horrocks, bliss. I think I will HavE tO pack the tote and leave the Presents at home so I can scrap while I’m there. I look forward to visiting as soon as I can.

  18. Hi Bridget, be sure to come and say hi and how you found us!

  19. Hi Bridget. I use to work with a Jan Patten as well as Tim when I was in Geraldton. Rellies?

  20. Hi, yes If they’re a Patten they’re a rellie. However I married into the family and still don’t know who everyone is! Will have to check with hubby. Has been quite embarassing in the past as would be walking down Marine Terrace and someone would say “Hi Bridget” and I would know they were probably a rellie but for the life of me…..

  21. Hi Tania just wanted to leave a note to say thanks for all the great lessons and funny times. We leave tomorrow for Perth and our new life. Take care and keep safe. See ya later. Lisa M xxx

  22. Bethany in Alabama

    I just found your site and I ….. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  23. Hello, I have just found you also, and am so sorry I missed your shop in Geraldton last year. We spent over a week in the area but were chasing up family history. We will be back again soon [maybe next year now] and I will call in and say hello.
    Pt Noarlunga, SA

  24. Hi Tania
    Tell Emily that love class five for the term classes it is really good, I can’t wait till the last lesson!
    I want to thankyou so much for opening The Scrapbook House! I LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks again

  25. I don’t have a pic on my face……I want one….give me one PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

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  27. Hi Tania
    You can update my grandchildren to 7. Not much else has changed, you can use my Xmas photo of us together or one you have taken if you like. If not, let me know and I will try to get to you one lunch hour
    When’s classes starting?

  28. Need to update some photos as this not how the shop is anymore!!!!

  29. Emily you are the best teacher for scrap booking i love being at classes and i hope to work there some day too
    love from Casey Baldwin!!!!

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