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What we are up to in our classes

We have classes at The Scrapbook House every week, and each week it’s something different. We teach Scrapbooking of course, but also cardmaking and off-the-page projects too. Our samples are usually up in the workroom. Here’s a look at this week.

Tuesday we had Scrapbooking class, (there are 3 times for this class to suit everyone). This week we created a flower from Grungeboard and added it to a lovely vintage looking page designed by Nat Perks using 7 Gypsies. It was time-consuming but totally worth it and each and every one looked beautiful.

Our Wednesday class yesterday was learning to make these great little gift bags, boxes and cards using the Crafters Companion and decorated using the Cuttlebug. These were made from 3 sheets of scrapbook paper and a bit of white card for the butterflies. Everyone went home with a set. How sweet.

Next week we are making 3 gorgeous cards using Hero Arts stamps, distress inks, chalk inks and a little bit of cuttlebugging too. There’s a couple of different techniques we want to master with water misting and distress inks to create lovely watercolour images.

The Thursday night class is also using Distress Inks (can you tell they are my absolute favourites?) We are making 4 notecards, each with a different technique.

There’s always more, and each week we come up with something new, come by to see our displays.

Set for Term 2

Classes start this week again and we are busy making our samples and tweaking the instructions sheets for our members.

I have worked on Michele’s layout this weekend… those doing this class will love it. Here’s a sneaky peek.

Josh heads to hospital tomorrow and then on Wednesday he and I will go to Perth for a couple of days. I will be so relieved for him when these casts come off, he is so uncomfortable that I feel like crying everytime I look at him lately. His little face looks up at me, pleading eyes, and I just can’t take it. He has been through so much. I just wish it were all over, and can see now this is going to be on-going for him for a long time. He is voicing his discomfort and having trouble sleeping, most nights it’s been between 2am and 4am when he finally goes quiet, even then he’s not asleep. Therefore the whole house is tired and needing sleep-ins. Wow I got a big one this morning… my beautiful hubby shut the door and kept it dark for me.

Right now I am packing for SIA (trade show in Sydney, leaving Sunday)  making sure I have everything I need, and nothing I don’t. I want to be packed as light at possible, so I can bring as much home as possible. hee hee. One bonus is that my desk will be clear for the next couple of weeks. That is if my girl doesn’t take it over.

Sketch Class

Last weeks Sketch class is a little late to be posted, but I thought you might enjoy them anyhow. The girls enjoyed putting them together.

Sketch class is great because there are all different levels all working at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you a first-timer or if you’re a published scrapbook artist, we all hang out together, old and young (I might get in trouble for that comment) and we all enjoy the company for a couple of hours, and get at least a page for your album. At least one, Rachel however bangs out 2 or 3 just to remind us that she is a confident scrapper.

Mind the quality of these photos, I took them on my phone.. at night.

I love you Mum, by Dani Those cuttlebugged butterflies were cut and embossed with 10 seconds studio metal… ooh la la.

Year 12 Ball by Theresa. HER FIRST SCRAP EVER. Hope we didn’t scare her off and she comes back on Monday night.

Love your World by Rachel. Love that tag! I have a bag just like it.

Sports Carnival by Dani. OMG would you look at that paperdoll! Gotta love the Cricut.

Luke’s 18 18 18 by Dani – she was on a roll this girl!

Dampier Archipelago by Rachel. Love how many photos she got onto this one.

A time to Remember by Michele. Beautiful, the bling doesn’t show up well here on my photo, nor does it look straight and I have cut off your border.. sorry Michele, my photo doesn’t do it justice. It is straight and just lovely.

 First day of Kindy by Squirrel Girl. That apple felt is so cool. Glad you finally used it.

 7th Birthday by Rachel. Wow Rach, you really are going to have all Ricky’s done before his 21st. You go girl.

What a productive night!  More from this class will be posted later! I don’t want to overload you with images.

Aren’t they fabulous? Love the variety.

Cards Class

My desk is chock a block full of cardmaking stuff… it’s overflowed onto the bench behind me and I’ve filled up the trestle table we brought in. I have been under the pump to get these cards designed for the upcoming term and finding creativity difficult when it’s so noisy. I hoped when the kids went back to school and ‘normality’ set back in, I would be a goer again.
I love what I have done so far, but I haven’t finished. I will, I just have to stop procrastinating and DO IT.

Here’s the first card series for this term, Wednesdays, teaching watercolouring along with a whole lot of other basic stuff. I love that we are using the new Hero Arts stamps and the new embossing folders by Cuttlebug. Oh my goodness, I can do a whole term of classes on the new stamps and folders, I have to hold myself back.  If you are interested in a couple of hours of cardmaking fun you can still book. There is room in the morning class for one more, and plenty of places in the afternoon class.

NEW Cuttlebug Folders

They are in – and they are gorgeous!
A few larger ones too. Come by to see and be quick to grab one of the 18 new folders.


Secret Santa

My girl had  “Secret Santa” gift giving in her class today. They were allowed a maximum of $2.50. I just love what she did for her recipient.

She baked. Then she called me at the shop and announced that she NEEDED the “Divine Swirls” Cuttlebug folder.  It was absolutely neccessary. One I was quite pleased that she knew the name of the folder and, two, I was pleased that she was making a gift and not just getting me to get something at the shop.

So she needed the folder for the royal icing she had made. Can you see the swirls on the icing? Smarty bum she is. With the left over she made little hearts then embossed “love” folder, (you know, the one that comes with the machine) and they look beautiful!

Christmas Embossing Folder

I used this beautiful embossing folder on my Christmas Cards this year, sold out of them and didn’t think anymore were coming in till January.


They are!
I just got confirmation that they were sending them today.
They’ll be here next week.