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Altered Apron Part 2

The colours lightened a lot as they dried, which we expected as the apron was so very wet to begin with. Still it’s looks like a “galaxy” and we are pretty happy with it. The Ice Stickles in blue and green added a nice hint of sparkle too.

20130521-194837.jpgI originally was going to add Prima flowers and some swirls with ink, kinda like this but Miss Emily thinks “no”, and to leave it the way it is. The flowers sure are pretty… But I am undecided… Thoughts?

Before and after…



Altered Apron Part 1

10 o’clock the night before homework is due… that’s about a perfect time to start work on a project. Well, that’s how I roll around here. 🙂 Luckily I have the ever-so-talented Emily here to guide me and together we worked on my “altering my apron homework”. It took about an hour to get to this stage, going for a starry night scene – can you see it?

Clean up took over half an hour more!
We began by wetting the apron and laying it in the bottom of the bath, best way to keep paint contained, and the bath needed a good clean anyway.

20130520-000805.jpgthen we pulled it out and laid it on butchers paper and cardboard… It was very very drippy and wet.

20130520-000930.jpg next we tried to dry it, but it was going to take forever, so we mopped up a little with paper and decided to add the Liquid Pearls and Ice Stickles anyway as it was getting late. 20130520-001212.jpg

it would probably bleed in, but, oh well, sigh… its no biggie. We added dots and more dots, then dotted a little Ice Stickles glitter in… I so love the hint of glitter.

20130520-001455.jpg and this is where we are up to now. Might add some Prima flowers when I get home from work after its had a chance to dry out. I am thinking it might lighten up a little too during the drying process. We will have to wait to see!
Have a great day!