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Watercolour your World

When Emily came to town I couldn’t wait to give her these sets of watercolours, check out what we created with them.

watercolour craze

Watercolour Confections: just like a tin of sweet confections our new watercolour tins are filled with wonderful, delightful watercolour pans in a decadent array artist-grade, high quality, and highly pigmented watercolour pans. Each tin includes flip-out mixing trays and superb features for the artist on the go! Available in Decadent Pies, Tropicals, and The Classics. (Psst…Decadent Pies has four metallic pans included!)

 We had fun in our art journals, the colours are so vibrant and luscious. I can’t wait to include these in a class somehow.

Available at The Scrapbook House

Have a colourful day


Friday night fun

We’ve got a few things coming up on Friday nights if you wanna come play.
This Friday night (8th Nov 13) is an open night, for those who like to art journal… bring along your paints and stencils and come have some messy fun – no class $5
Then on the 29th we are creating this gorgeous Owl Project.
Birds of a Feather

And on the 6th December there will be a Mixed Media canvas class.Mixed Media 2Mixed MediaMixed Media 3

It’s gonna be fun!

Altered Apron Part 1

10 o’clock the night before homework is due… that’s about a perfect time to start work on a project. Well, that’s how I roll around here. 🙂 Luckily I have the ever-so-talented Emily here to guide me and together we worked on my “altering my apron homework”. It took about an hour to get to this stage, going for a starry night scene – can you see it?

Clean up took over half an hour more!
We began by wetting the apron and laying it in the bottom of the bath, best way to keep paint contained, and the bath needed a good clean anyway.

20130520-000805.jpgthen we pulled it out and laid it on butchers paper and cardboard… It was very very drippy and wet.

20130520-000930.jpg next we tried to dry it, but it was going to take forever, so we mopped up a little with paper and decided to add the Liquid Pearls and Ice Stickles anyway as it was getting late. 20130520-001212.jpg

it would probably bleed in, but, oh well, sigh… its no biggie. We added dots and more dots, then dotted a little Ice Stickles glitter in… I so love the hint of glitter.

20130520-001455.jpg and this is where we are up to now. Might add some Prima flowers when I get home from work after its had a chance to dry out. I am thinking it might lighten up a little too during the drying process. We will have to wait to see!
Have a great day!


Not a morning person

Are you a night owl or an early bird? I’ve never been one to enjoy the early hours of the day, I was the kid who was last into class every day. I had some long suffering friends who would walk me to school and they’d wait do patiently for me as a dragged my feet every morning. I wished school would start at 10:00 and finish later, I would perhaps have been more awake for more lessons.
The Scrapbook House just happens to open at 10:00am, and that is a very good thing… because when I get home from class at 9:00pm I am very glad I didn’t have to be completely switched in every day at 8:30. Some says I don’t get home till 10:00pm and tonight we whizzed through class and we were out in record time.

20130516-212612.jpgA page from my #1 Art Journal

I find it SO HARD to get up in the mornings. I know, the simple solution would be to go to bed earlier, why can’t I just do that? I know I should. Still, silly me will stay up late again. Enjoying the quiet house once all the children have finally succumbed to sleep. I can see they are like me… I hope they get the chance to work a job that suits their “night owl” character too.
I hope you’ve had a great day – or night – as the case might be.


Class one – homework

After we finished Art Journal class in December I thought I could keep inspired with my renewed arty energy. I should be able to do that, given that I work in a Scrapbook Store, surrounded by talented folk and awesome products, but I found myself busy with Christmas, school holidays and then all of a sudden Term 1 was upon us. It’s not until now, the first week of Art Journal 2 class that I am feeling back into it and I really enjoy the class environment too (except for those rowdy ones at the back of the class- ha ha, bringing Michelle a stick next week to keep them in line… wasn’t me… batts eyelashes) It’s so nice to have the paints back out again, and we all have a new book to play in. I hope you might like if I share some if my Art Journal Journey with you.

I have just now completed part one of our “homework” and I am feeling pretty pleased. Our Journals are each unique and we used a variety if mediums to get to this point, but I am completely in love with the Ava Stencil I used to get the face outlines so perfect. (Thanks Sandra for the loan of your stencil – I was “respectful” with it and cleaned the texture paste off it carefully)
All I needed to do was colour her in! I chose acrylic paints and after a few tries at it and some patient lessons from my daughter I am happy with the result. The words on the cover say “Seize the Day, please use the handles provided” and down the bottom it reads “Dare to be fabulous”
Now looking forward to Part 2 of my homework- the apron. Off to google Donna Downey’s creations now for inspiration, she’s the Calico Queen!

Here’s the “before” shot. Got any ideas of what I should write on it?

Something Bright For Joshua’s Room

He loves looking at it!

The canvas is now on Joshua’s wall, he spends a great deal of time here, now it looks just that bit brighter.


Oil Pastel Melting Art

Don’t have crayons to melt? You can also use oil pastels!

20130126-150316.jpg These ones from Crayola worked a treat for Emily, they still need to be hot glued into place on the canvas or board, and then use a heat gun to melt them. So easy and fun!

20130126-150459.jpgEmily allowed the first drops to cool before hitting the pastels again with the gun, creating thick gorgeous layers!


Completed Crayon Melt Art


So what do you think of the finished artwork? It was seriously so much fun to do, if you have ever thought if giving this a go at home, I say, “Do it!”

This is how I glued the crayons onto the canvas, using a hot glue gun (essential) and adding a few extras to give them more height.

Then I used a Heat Gun ( you could try a hair dryer if you didn’t have a heatgun, it would blow the wax about a whole lot more too, could be good for a splattered look?) and the wax dripped as melted. I let a section cool and then went back to add another layer, quite addictive really!

Crayon melt art

Earlier last year Emily and I came across some cool crayon melting art whilst we were floating around on the world of YouTube. We knew we just had to give that a go! Not that I had anywhere to put art like that, it’d be fun to play!

We played with oil pastels as we didn’t have any crayons in the house and had trouble getting them to stick to the board, we’d need the hot glue gun and that was at the shop… So we forgot about it for ages until we saw it again recently on Better Homes and Gardens and remembered we wanted to try this. Also, Joshua’s room is finished and provided the perfect spot to put something bright -right above his bed!

We’re using a long canvas and I went down to my local Jacksons, (love that shop!) and purchased a bunch of crayons. Best time to buy crayons is now, right before school, they are so cheap!

We sat and lined them up in colour order, but then I thought I’d have a trial on a smaller board first… you know… to figure out some kind of technique to use. It took us ages to get them just right, and each one was carefully lifted so not to mark the canvas.

And here is the trial version…

How cool is that? Joshy loves it too (ok, so he just wants to bash it, but that’s how we know he likes it, he’s reaching for it) so we will go ahead with the big one tonight.
It’s sitting here on the table, which is very difficult for boys on the autism spectrum to leave alone… they both have been compelled to line them up straight and I want them haphazard. Emily is using oil pastels again, which will give thicker drips of colour, I’ll be sure to post a picture soon!


Heartistry workshop

Back in April I started an online art course with the talented Louise Williams. This is what it started out like and here is the link to the original post
My desk looked like this…

And my canvas looked like this.

Well, it was a 6 week course and I was chomping at the bit for each weeks lesson plan to come to me. I finished up with it looking like this.

And you don’t really want to see what my desk ended up looking like… Lets just say I am messy and leave it at that. 🙂

So I am thinking I need to add some words to it.. A quote maybe? The top left looks a little bare to me.

I have to be kind to myself as its the first time I have used pastels and created something a little more serious, I couldn’t expect much… but the way Louise encouraged us to go on and not worry too much about it all I am very happy with the result. Not bad for a beginner. Thanks Louise!
Here’s a list of things used on this class:
Paint, Gesso, texture paste, Glimmermist, bronze embossing powders, pastels, spray seal, tissue and scrapbook papers. Do you remember when I fell in love with templates? Here’s the original post – it was the kind of affair where you’ve been friends for a long time, then suddenly see things in a different way and bam… Love!
It leaves me wondering what other mediums are out there that I haven’t considered, and how much fun there still is to learn new things and share.
So back to the quote thing… What do you think? Add to it or leave it be?

Arty farty


So, the journey begins… The course I am doing with Heartistry is an 8 week course… Hold the bus? You mean I have to wait each week for the next lesson? What? WAIT? Really?

Now, this is very difficult for me to do… I am an all-in kinda girl and once I get the mojo flowing, I don’t wanna stop… Other than the pastels, I think I have done most of the techniques we are going to learn, I just wanted to learn from somebody… A teacher! But I have to wait… and that means so will you. Hopefully I am able to post the finished product, and I am not the artist I would like to be, so it’s all a learning journey for me, but I don’t mind that my art is not great so I’m not too bashful to show it to you. After all, no art is terrible… or at least if it is… there will be someone who likes it.

Thats the great things about art, its all how you see it. Mostly for me, I don’t like looking at it, I just like doing it. Which is why (unless I give it away) I end up reusing canvases and painting over them after a while.

So… This is what I did last night…that’s Basic Grey Pyrus. under that Gesso and texture.


And here you can see better with one of my new Crafters Templates, the ink splotch, I am loving that one too!


We don’t get to add any more until next week.
Oh no!
I went shopping (at my favourite art store Jacksons) and bought chalk pastels (thanks Sue)… And we don’t get to use them today? No no no… What to do? Of course, just take them and play! So, Em and I set ourselves up at the table and we tried pastels for the first time, just on a rough sheet of watercolour paper, and this is what we came up with. Now of course, as soon as the art supplies are out, so are my 3 youngest, all wanting to get creative too. So the Princess wanted to draw too, (her art blows me away every time, makes me want to ban her because she makes me look bad) needless to say, I have a LOT to learn about scary chalk pastels before I can say I like them. They are not nice to work with.



Em’s dark-eyed girl turned out gorgeous. Pfft. Beginner.

Move over hubby, I have found a new love…

Sorry, but I’ll be spending the night with my new Crafters Templates tonight… I love them so much! I have used half a tub of texture paste too!

First there was this one…

This was the one that started it all last year for me… Do you remember that glimmer misting class with all those pages? Goodness it was a 6 page class, how could you EVER forget? Well, that brick was My favourite part of that class, (my least favourite was all that cutting of those pesky little flowers)

Well, the brick started it and then there was this one…


Which we used last term with texture paste and paints in Natalie’s class “Love”
You can’t see the template use in this picture, but it was this the class.


Now I have begun a mixed media class with Heartistry, and just HAD to get a few more… So I picked these ones up…




Tonight I have used, canvas, scrapbook paper, mod podge, gesso, texture paste and tissue! It was so much fun that all my kids joined in making their own creations too. I can’t wait to show you what we are up to with these!

Hubby? Well he just went to bed alone…
Oh well.



Are you the type of person that is envious of the kids that have art classes at school nowadays? I am! We didn’t have a fabulous art program at school back in my day!
I have looked at a few art and mixed media classes and they haven’t been quite right, and also looked at a couple online, eyeing of Wyanne’s art classes for so long. I can’t do this on my own, and really need a class to encourage me along.
Then a friend of a friend posted a message online about this online mixed media class coming up in April with Louise Williams… and I jumped on it, booking back in early February. I thought April was a long way off, leaving me plenty of time to prepare (both to get all the stuff I need, and a couple of months to clear my messy desk) but it has snuck up on me in my slackness. Oh, I will never change.

So… If you’d like to join this adventure I think Louise is still taking registrations, go check it out!