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What’s Up

May’s layout for Page of the Month features four photos, tons of room for a title and journaling, and is ruler-straight with special area for shapes, texture and dimension for a page that really POPS. What’s Up works great with both colour and black and white photos and features the fuzzy felt shape stickers and brand-new flags.
May’s theme is “What my Parents Taught Me”and is a chance to scrapbook cherished advice from a loved one. The Parisian-inspired colours and designs of What’s Up work perfectly for all types of topics for advice. Photos can feature scans of family photos or evidence of advice followed.

 Journaling prompt:
1. What is one of your favourite pieces of advice about? Food? MOney? Work ethic? Cleaning tips? Driving? Fashion or style?
2. Did your parent(s) teach you by telling you or by showing you what they meant?
3. How has this advice impacted your life?
4. Is this a lesson you will pass down?

I think we will enjoy tonight’s Page Of The Month scrapbooking.

Feel free to comment with your own answers to these prompts! We’d love to hear it!


People I meet

You know, I get to meet some of the most amazing woman in our community, they come and go though the store, sometimes giving us a glimpse of how marvelous they are, other times we know that they don’t even know themselves how amazing they really are. I just love meeting the people I do.
Some are artistic, some are compassionate, some funny, some creative, some a great with colour, some are learning, some need a shoulder, and a couple I know need new shoulders!
I meet great Mums, and excited Grannies, I meet people who love their families. I meet other like-minded scrapbook store owners and I meet people online. I have made friends with people all around the world, from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada to the Netherlands.

I love my job, and the people who surround me… Thank you. You make such a difference in my life.

Here is a layout from one of the amazing women who has come into my life through The Scrapbook House, her name is Julie and I think she is terrific!
The Konnichiwa layout from the Basic Grey POTM didn’t suit her, so she made her own… and as I watched in wonder as this creation come alive I asked if she would mind if I posted it here for you to see.


Just look how many photos she managed to get into this


I just love how much FUN she has with this.


Thanks Jules for sharing!

Page of the Month – April

The basic grey page of the month is using the Plumeria range of papers and embellishments. It’s a lovely floral with touches of purple.
I don’t seem to use purple often, but I immediately liked it, and I loved the buttons and borders in the pack too. Last Monday night for our Open Scrap Night, I set to work on this layout, and again came home with a layout almost complete, again without photos, title or journaling. I promised myself not to go on until it was finished and I found that no photos would suit.


The colour purple just was wrong. Do you recognise these photos? They are from our Red Dress shoot. Red most definitely does not go with purple… Unless you are in the Red Hat Society… then of course it goes! So I opened a few photos in photoshop and switched to black and white, thinking this was the fix-it-all solution. Usually works, but I felt it was lacking just a little, so back to photoshop I went with the original. Being dedicated to the cause of getting this layout done I kept at it, and ended up deciding to alter the colours ( for those who want to know, I reduced the saturation, then i picked out the ‘red’ hue only and altered it to purple.
Not only did it work for this layout, but i still have a bunch of ‘red dress’ photos that I can use on another layout and one might not even notice it was from the same shoot.


Funny faces – dontcha love them? I tell my kids off for this sort of behavior! The journaling was printed on the back of some leftover, it took me a couple of tries, but there was plenty of paper to play with… Give it a go.


The leftovers were destined to be the kind that got put in the stash never to be play with again, so I thought I may as well do something with them also… and it wasn’t midnight yet. 🙂


Then with the last few ( and because by the time I got to this it was well after midnight, I put this simple card together. The flowers are cut from the back of the borders packaging.


Thanks for looking. Have wonderful day! I’m working in my garden today, it’s beautiful gardening weather here.

Tania xxx

Happier and happier

Do you find sometimes that you have a great idea for a layout but have trouble finding the photos to suit?
Or perhaps you’ve done a fabulous class (at let’s say a fabulous store), and you can’t choose which persons photo to put on such a special layout?
Or, you’ve signed up to do Page of the Month, and have now have a stack of photo-bare layouts? Or worse still, a bunch of kits waiting to be done?

Ok… Maybe it’s just me.

But I am sure I am not alone. I am sure this happens to many of us and you know what? Its okay! Yes, it is okay.
One day, one fabulous day, you will get out that layout and have the perfect photo for it, or one day you will find yourself with 2 hours to spare one night and get out that kit, and put it together.

You might even get out a finished but photo-bare layout and decide to spend half a night looking for 4 photos of you and your hubby to suit. Then realize that over the years you take hundreds thousands of photos but there are only a few of you together, and even less of your family all together. ( side note to my family- when we are at family events, please take my camera and get. A shot of all of us together, thank you)

I did this… But then you knew this list was going somewhere right? well, at least you were hoping. This double page layout from last years Basic Grey (Little Black Dress range) was complete, all but the photos. It sat and sat, then one night I decided to spend some time looking and I found 4 photos of the King and I together but none of them matched…. Solution? Make them all black and white. Problem solved. Layout complete. Happy Mamma.


Leftovers? I have tonnes of them, and I never seem to use them, but can’t throw them away, so I took them along to my friend Sharon’s house and made a few cards. So these are just using our A5 card stock in white, with all Basic Grey leftover, and I did borrow Sharon’s Martha Stewart punches. Also had to add a couple of Crochet by Kim flowers too… Love these!




So remember, one day you will find the perfect photos for that layout, but for now… Just enjoy the creative process and the rest will follow.
Have a wonderful day. xx


Our Basic Grey Page of the Month for March was using the Konnichiwa papers, and there was a fair bit left after Liz, Jo, Skye and I did our pages together. Liz the smarty pants went home to use the rest and not to be outdone (but of course she already has) I decided that I would use old things to make a page and incorporate something from this kit too. It was hard!
I really like new things!
So, I had a go, and this sat on my desk for so long… And gathered a whole lot of plastering dust along the way. I got back to it this Easter and this is what I came up with.


It has some paper on it that is years old and I was pretty happy to dig out that Mothers Day quote from my stash. See! Knew I would use it one day!
Scrunched up some old flowers too, my favorite thing to do with these since I saw Jenny do this at retreat last year and tucked a few of those Basic grey flowers in to tie in with the papers. Certainly not my favourite layout, but happy to use old things and get another photo scrapped to put in the album.


I loved this day, Mothers Day, at the end of the day, Mum and I, with the 3 youngest kidlets, headed to the beach for some photos. It got dark to quick and we missed the sunset, but the kids were happy to run about and get a little wet, playing in the sand and the surf. A lovely memory.


It’s not all fun and games and dressing up you know! We actually do get some scrapping done.

Here are some layouts my friends and I completed over our weekend away. Enjoy!

by Alison. Play – Al loves Kraft!


by Alison – A Wild Ride.

by Alison – Wild Boy

by Nat – Friends

By Basilia – The Travelling Red Dress

Basic Grey POTM February kit, Tania – Horseriding

by Tania – My Crafty Boy

Basic Grey POTM kit 2011, Tania – Michael Buble

Nats class kit, Tania – A little fruity

by Basilia – Little Man

Nat’s class kit, Michele – Mates

by Michele (apologies for losing your ‘f’) Father and Son

By Nat – Happy Feet

by Alison – The Groundsman

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Basila – Dream Big

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Nat – Your Beauty Radiates

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Tania – The Little Things

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Michele – My Precious Girl

Page of the Month Program

Basic Grey Page of the Month Kits

Page of the Month (or POTM) program is a year long program where you receive beautiful BasicGrey products to make one double page layout each month. The 2012 instalment of the program will run from March 2012 through February of 2013. Product is shipped two months at a time

This years theme is Past, Present & Future but as always you can customise it to fit your needs.

  • March: Past – childhood favourites: people, places, things
  • April: Past – advice to myself at age..
  • May: Past – what my parents taught me
  • June: Past – a day in my life at age ..
  • July: Past – when i was a kid i dreamed of..
  • August: Present – current favourites: people, places, things
  • September: Present – a day in the life of me now
  • October: Present – lessons learned from friends
  • November: Present – why i scrapbook
  • January: Future – goals to achieve
  • February: Future – dreams for the future

This program was so successful last year that BasicGrey aren’t changing it much this year, and so includes the following benefits:

  • Free colour printed instructions for the featured double page layouts.
  • New product featured – only the latest and greatest new releases to help you promote them in your class.
  • Sketches and theme suggestions – designed to make your life a little easier and keep your customers’ creative juice flowing.

And if that’s not enough..this is what BasicGrey are adding this year to sweeten the deal even further!

  • The end of year incentive. This year BasicGrey is offering a super-cute and exclusive designer tote bag to in reward for the year long commitment.
  • Exclusive bonus projects to use up those leftovers.
  • Exclusive digital content. Each month will feature a fun digital element which can be downloaded and used on the layout or in the bonus project.
  • Fun journaling prompts to help you think of what to scrap.

Each kit is $29.95 You will receive 2 kits every 2 months.

Pay upfront for your subscription to receive your tote
and as always – we post free of charge!

Register by 16 February 2012

Call Tania, Kira or Sharon 08 99648288
or email us at scrapbookhouse@westnet.com.au

Page of the Month – July & August

The next two classes in the Basic Grey Page of the Month series feature the new Out of Print and Oxford collections. I know many of you have been chompin’ at the bit to see what’s coming up next for these classes, so I’m happy to share with you the layouts that you can do if you have the subscription. (Oh and I have one kit of each left in store if you missed out last time)

Now just to give you an idea of what these value-packed classes include, with this particular kit you’ll receive 10 double-sided patterned papers (2 each of 5 different designs), a sheet of laser cut cardstock, a package of the new yo-yos embellishments, a sheet of cardstock title stickers and a sheet of alphabet stickers.
Perfect for  two vertical 4×6 photos and two 4×4 photos – you’ll also need  border punch ( oh my – come see our new Martha Stewart punches and a white journaling pen to create the two-page, 12×12 layout you see above, and there will be a bunch of leftover goodies to use on future projects!

The August class features “Oxford”—perfect for those school photos, but masculine enough for your favourite boys too!
 With this class, you’ll get ten double-sided patterned papers as well, plus a sheet of cardstock element stickers, a sheet of element stickers, a pack of die-cut “pieces” and a pack of Office Tabs which are exclusively available with these kits due to a production shortage at Basic Grey!
To complete this layout you’ll need five 4×4 photos, a scallop border punch, a 1″ circle punch and your journaling pens.
If you want these kits – contact me.

My 365 photographic entry for today is actually one I took a while back that has been waiting for a place to post. Taken from above, nice and close.  
Paper Thin 149 / 365
The cool weather brings a whole new life to our garden – these are tiny and paper thin. One touch and they disintegrate.
Paper Thin by scrapnyak

Page of the Month


My completed layouts

Basic Grey Sweet Threads and Lauderdale.

For the Sweet Threads layout, I have changed the papers around a little.

Scrapping up a storm

Loving our Basic Grey Page of the Month Kits!  Michele and I scrapped last night, doing up classes and then we whipped up another Basic Grey kit too. Wow, what a productive night, to do 2 double pages in one night, but the photos still need to be added before I can share, so I have sent them to the printer tonight. Luckily the 365 photo project gives me plenty to choose from. Do you find it hard to find photos sometimes? I must admit that I do. Sometimes from a lack of ‘printed’ photos and sometimes from an overwhelming number of photos there’s too many to wade through. I think the simple 35mm times were much easier.. click, take it in, pick them up, have them forever. Now… well, oh my, there’s photos everywhere… more than ever, but somehow less than ever. Does that make sense? Am I rambling again. Sorry. Maybe Michele and I shouldnt have stayed out so late last night.

So in addition to those 2, I added the photos to the first kits and finished these off with my titles and journaling. These kits have me doing layouts, following instructions and ‘getting it done’. Not always colours and patterns I would choose (Lordy that Lauderdale had my eyebrows furrowed in distaste) but they end up looking pretty good. 

And they are DONE. “Done” is a great word for me… I like it a lot. I don’t get to say it a lot. Done. Done. Done. Done. 

I love that you get loads of alphas with these… so I could make up my titles to suit the layout. This is obviously very different to the original.

Now to get those  jobs done so one can get onto the new “Sweet Threads” kit. ( There is one (just one) subscription left if anyone is keen to join us on Page of the Month.)

Back on deck

Kids go back to school in a couple of days, one more weekend and we are back into classes at the shop. I’ll feel like I am back on deck again real soon. Soon. SOON. Haha

I have taken a bit of leave from the blogging scene this month, and will be back into it in no time I am sure. Only 5 posts from me this month, a record I think!

Many things have gone through my mind and I have typed and deleted so many times. It’s hard being an emotional girl sometimes! I swear I worry about things I really shouldn’t worry about, but can’t help it and worry anyway! Stupid girl. I’ve keep telling myself lately though to “run your own race” and I am trying to do just that. Not to concern myself too much with what others think, or say, or do. Just be “me”.

I haven’t been away from the computer though and have found myself quite obsessed with ‘facebook’ I love it that I can upload photos there in files and am really enjoying how easy it is and how interactive it is. If you head on over there (link on the right) we have a competition running at the moment – you might just snag yourself a prize!

We have the Basic Grey Card Kits and Page Kits… click here to see more.

I just love these kits.. they are so easy to put together.. just follow the numbers, picture or instruction and you’ll end up with no fail gorgeous pages! 4 of them!  Each page works out to cost less than $7.50!  The card kits are just as easy, other than adhesive there is nothing else needed, not even a trimmer! And individually the cards work out at less than $3 bucks each.

So while we are on the subject of cards I have made myself a little promise. I am going to put aside all the cards I need for the year. All in one box. My plan is to work out the months of the year, write up all the birthdays of close family and friends who receive cards and get them sorted! That’s the plan. The best laid plans… I seem to always be scratching around looking for the perfect card or grabbing any old one because I am late.. always late. Worse still, I have missed  so many in the past years it gives me heart palpitations. The guilt! Oh the guilt. It just about kills me.  I wonder how many I will need?

So my aim is to have the year (February to February as January is always a bit of a write-off) all done. Am I aiming too high? Or just plain nutty?