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Oil Pastel Melting Art

Don’t have crayons to melt? You can also use oil pastels!

20130126-150316.jpg These ones from Crayola worked a treat for Emily, they still need to be hot glued into place on the canvas or board, and then use a heat gun to melt them. So easy and fun!

20130126-150459.jpgEmily allowed the first drops to cool before hitting the pastels again with the gun, creating thick gorgeous layers!


Completed Crayon Melt Art


So what do you think of the finished artwork? It was seriously so much fun to do, if you have ever thought if giving this a go at home, I say, “Do it!”

This is how I glued the crayons onto the canvas, using a hot glue gun (essential) and adding a few extras to give them more height.

Then I used a Heat Gun ( you could try a hair dryer if you didn’t have a heatgun, it would blow the wax about a whole lot more too, could be good for a splattered look?) and the wax dripped as melted. I let a section cool and then went back to add another layer, quite addictive really!

Crayon melt art

Earlier last year Emily and I came across some cool crayon melting art whilst we were floating around on the world of YouTube. We knew we just had to give that a go! Not that I had anywhere to put art like that, it’d be fun to play!

We played with oil pastels as we didn’t have any crayons in the house and had trouble getting them to stick to the board, we’d need the hot glue gun and that was at the shop… So we forgot about it for ages until we saw it again recently on Better Homes and Gardens and remembered we wanted to try this. Also, Joshua’s room is finished and provided the perfect spot to put something bright -right above his bed!

We’re using a long canvas and I went down to my local Jacksons, (love that shop!) and purchased a bunch of crayons. Best time to buy crayons is now, right before school, they are so cheap!

We sat and lined them up in colour order, but then I thought I’d have a trial on a smaller board first… you know… to figure out some kind of technique to use. It took us ages to get them just right, and each one was carefully lifted so not to mark the canvas.

And here is the trial version…

How cool is that? Joshy loves it too (ok, so he just wants to bash it, but that’s how we know he likes it, he’s reaching for it) so we will go ahead with the big one tonight.
It’s sitting here on the table, which is very difficult for boys on the autism spectrum to leave alone… they both have been compelled to line them up straight and I want them haphazard. Emily is using oil pastels again, which will give thicker drips of colour, I’ll be sure to post a picture soon!


Arty farty


So, the journey begins… The course I am doing with Heartistry is an 8 week course… Hold the bus? You mean I have to wait each week for the next lesson? What? WAIT? Really?

Now, this is very difficult for me to do… I am an all-in kinda girl and once I get the mojo flowing, I don’t wanna stop… Other than the pastels, I think I have done most of the techniques we are going to learn, I just wanted to learn from somebody… A teacher! But I have to wait… and that means so will you. Hopefully I am able to post the finished product, and I am not the artist I would like to be, so it’s all a learning journey for me, but I don’t mind that my art is not great so I’m not too bashful to show it to you. After all, no art is terrible… or at least if it is… there will be someone who likes it.

Thats the great things about art, its all how you see it. Mostly for me, I don’t like looking at it, I just like doing it. Which is why (unless I give it away) I end up reusing canvases and painting over them after a while.

So… This is what I did last night…that’s Basic Grey Pyrus. under that Gesso and texture.


And here you can see better with one of my new Crafters Templates, the ink splotch, I am loving that one too!


We don’t get to add any more until next week.
Oh no!
I went shopping (at my favourite art store Jacksons) and bought chalk pastels (thanks Sue)… And we don’t get to use them today? No no no… What to do? Of course, just take them and play! So, Em and I set ourselves up at the table and we tried pastels for the first time, just on a rough sheet of watercolour paper, and this is what we came up with. Now of course, as soon as the art supplies are out, so are my 3 youngest, all wanting to get creative too. So the Princess wanted to draw too, (her art blows me away every time, makes me want to ban her because she makes me look bad) needless to say, I have a LOT to learn about scary chalk pastels before I can say I like them. They are not nice to work with.



Em’s dark-eyed girl turned out gorgeous. Pfft. Beginner.