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Cute stuff

If you like cute stuff you’ll like todays post. Not only am I sharing a photo of a little cutie, but you can also win yourself this cute tote. Head on, over to the facebook site and “like” the post to be in with a chance to win it.

 Just my small way of ‘paying it forward’. Hope you all have a great weekend planned!
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Miss G

104 / 365
How gorgeous is she? My girlfriends little girls are such cute models, this is her littlest one. This photo is from last week, we have so many sweet shots, just had to share.

Keeping up

Today was the last day of school for my 3 youngest, and we all are breathing a sigh of relief I think. It was such a long term, and the children were exhausted by the end of it… I have no idea how the teachers went! I bet they are going to enjoy their break.
Our family will enjoy the break… we do nothing better … doing nothing. 🙂
Meanwhile I am trying had to keep my 365 up to date by uploading a photo a day and now am looking at all these lovely photos, thinking I had better get them printed, snatch some of the gorgeous papers off the shelves and scrap them! Day by day, time ticks away, and even if I scrap once a week, it’s not enough. I accept that, but still wish I could scrap all day, every day. Ah… wouldn’t that be nice? So would a world made of chocolate.
Kira is doing a great job at the shop, handing all the responsibilities with ease. She managed perfectly on Tuesday when I was away all day at a Business Course (which gave me a pounding headache, smelly armpits and a bunch of inspiring stuff I can’t wait to sink my teeth into) Who said “Ya can’t get good help these days!”  They were wrong. Kira is great! There’s also some more news regarding our team, but I will wait till it’s official before blabbing. Interested? Stay tuned. 😉
We have new products in stock, Kira and I have been madly pricing and getting onto the shelves, more Hero Arts, more Scrap FX, more trimmers, restock of regular items, more tools, more papers (only a few LYB left from the Twig range).  We are packing classes, and there are only a few places left in the scrapbook classes, so if you haven’t got your name down… call me! If you want them held for you to do as ‘take-away”… call me!
There’s a new page up for sale on the facebook site too… limited supply.
Enjoy my photos and see you soon.
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My Man and My Girl

101 / 365
Good Golly I love these two people!
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Trampoline Fun

102 / 365
Look at me Mum! Look at me!
My boys need to work off some energy otherwise they bounce off the walls! Had fun with this one in Photoshop.
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Bucket loads of fun

100 / 365
From the other day… it never ceases to amaze me how different the light is every few minutes,colours change before your eyes, and the camera picks it up so differently if you turn into the light or away from the light. Loving this smile on my beautiful boy!

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Not bad for an old man

103 / 365
My beautiful old friend seems to be aging so quickly these past few months. His personality is changing after 18 years as well as his looks. He’s getting ‘greys’ , sleeps when he is not looking for food and doesn’t walk or even sit quite the same as he used to. He stays very close, and ‘talks’ more than ever, louder than ever. Dementia and deafness… great conditions for a Siamese to have… not!

Back on deck

Kids go back to school in a couple of days, one more weekend and we are back into classes at the shop. I’ll feel like I am back on deck again real soon. Soon. SOON. Haha

I have taken a bit of leave from the blogging scene this month, and will be back into it in no time I am sure. Only 5 posts from me this month, a record I think!

Many things have gone through my mind and I have typed and deleted so many times. It’s hard being an emotional girl sometimes! I swear I worry about things I really shouldn’t worry about, but can’t help it and worry anyway! Stupid girl. I’ve keep telling myself lately though to “run your own race” and I am trying to do just that. Not to concern myself too much with what others think, or say, or do. Just be “me”.

I haven’t been away from the computer though and have found myself quite obsessed with ‘facebook’ I love it that I can upload photos there in files and am really enjoying how easy it is and how interactive it is. If you head on over there (link on the right) we have a competition running at the moment – you might just snag yourself a prize!

We have the Basic Grey Card Kits and Page Kits… click here to see more.

I just love these kits.. they are so easy to put together.. just follow the numbers, picture or instruction and you’ll end up with no fail gorgeous pages! 4 of them!  Each page works out to cost less than $7.50!  The card kits are just as easy, other than adhesive there is nothing else needed, not even a trimmer! And individually the cards work out at less than $3 bucks each.

So while we are on the subject of cards I have made myself a little promise. I am going to put aside all the cards I need for the year. All in one box. My plan is to work out the months of the year, write up all the birthdays of close family and friends who receive cards and get them sorted! That’s the plan. The best laid plans… I seem to always be scratching around looking for the perfect card or grabbing any old one because I am late.. always late. Worse still, I have missed  so many in the past years it gives me heart palpitations. The guilt! Oh the guilt. It just about kills me.  I wonder how many I will need?

So my aim is to have the year (February to February as January is always a bit of a write-off) all done. Am I aiming too high? Or just plain nutty?