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New Layout Kit – Handmade Quality

Here’s a layout I created with a picture of my Dad at home in his shed. I just loved the set of stamps (they are included in the kit) and our trusty brick die cut got another workout.

I have a limited kits available. Click the picture for more information on how to purchase, or message us.

Workshop 198 Handmade Quality

I thought it was time for a masculine page, this one suits the handyman or the tradie. With embellishments like tools, bricks, gears and wood elements there are a variety of subjects to use. It would also suit a home building or renovations style theme.




Weekend Fun

This weekend was rather busy with the shop, family and friends. How blessed I am to have so much to do!

Friday night was the Art Journal class, using Distress Ink, Paint and Stain. Here is Kim’s page – I’m loving the colour tones in this.

Art Journal Page Distress Ink, Paint, Stain

Saturday after the shop had closed, we had a children’s birthday party scrapbook class held at the shop where we shared the afternoon with 13 little girls (and some helpers who didn’t quite know they’d signed up) as they crafted and chatted the afternoon away. Jo shared a photo with us afterwards – so cute as they left, walking to afternoon tea, hand in hand in rows of two.

The Scrapbook House Geraldton

The Nagle Year 12 Ball was held this weekend too, and how wonderful it is to see our beautiful young people dressed in their finest, on their special day. I think half the town heads out to the Marina, it seems to be “THE” spot for photos, the perfect venue for “Pre- ball greeting and photos”

IMGP0200 Geraldton Museum Nagle Ball

I had the pleasure of shooting with some friends – they all looked so beautiful.

Nagle Ball 2015

At the beautiful Marina and also the 50 cent ‘seat’ (more commonly known as the 50 cent swing)

Nagle Yr 12 Ball

And my darling hubby had his beloved old car out tonight.

Monaro Nagle Ball

Then we all went out to dinner for my Mum’s birthday – we were late… but we were there! Happy birthday Ma xxx

I’m not sure where Sunday went, but it whizzed by far too quickly. I did go see The INKS at the Freemasons as usual for a few hours – chill time, so good🙂






Siamese Sun Lovers

I had another day off today, to laze about, sleep in and catch up on some housework. I don’t usually like Summer cleaning, but after our super hot day the other day of 46, I am warned that there are plenty more days of Summer to endure yet.

My 2 kitties love the heat though… here they are sun baking. Meet Milo and Bailey, my Siamese lovelies.

Milo and Bailey Siamese cats

So I pulled down the Christmas tree ( yay, finally, I know I know… I am slack! ) and it is all packed away in the shed. It gets really hot in there, so I was glad today was such nice weather, did a little vacuuming, cleaned the bathroom cabinet. Phew, that’s enough for me… back to hanging out with the family.
Josh has had us a little concerned for a while now, he’s brewing something, but we can’t put our finger on what it might be. He’s not sick, but something weird is happening, and he’s lethargic, sleeping most of the time and occasionally bringing things up before breakfast. Very unusual, doesn’t seem to have pain, and his blood sugar levels are fine. Weird. The kids are all on “go-slow” with lots of relaxing… just as the holidays should be. Right now, they’re all watching tv.

I’ll leave you with another photo of my kitties sunbathing, I woke them, but they couldn’t open their eyes… too bright!

Siamese cats sun baking in window

Back to work tomorrow.


Family House Printers Tray


Friday night fun at The Scrapbook House making a gorgeous house-shaped printers tray, filled with Prima papers and flowers.
We went a little overtime, but then that’s nothing new. Gotta love getting amongst the papers and glue.

20130526-222308.jpgMarion with a few papers here to play with and below Diana making sure it all fits just right.

20130526-222404.jpg Lucky we have plenty of room to spread out.

20130526-222716.jpgPat working away, trying to ignore my banter and bad-singing, can’t wait to see the finished products from everyone.

20130526-222838.jpgVerna, her burned fingers caused her a little trouble tonight, but she kept on – what a trooper!

20130526-223123.jpgRuth added lots of photos to her house, along with flowers and shells from home. A lovely family memento.

20130526-223301.jpgDecisions decisions! Each of our houses started the same, but will all be unique by the time they are ready to hang on the wall.

20130526-223512.jpgI added some things from my Prima stash to the little openings, and some photos too. This will be a gift for my Dad and StepMum – I hope they’ll like it.

20130526-223705.jpgWords cut from the Prima packaging, more flowers and some trinkets. Notice the cool little hammer I added near my Dads picture, I’ve been hanging onto that little beauty for ages, waiting for the perfect project to add it to.

20130526-223842.jpgMore flowers on the roof, the stems were twirled around a thin paintbrush in a spiral, then glued in place. A couple more trinkets and a photo of my babies! Complete! Thank you to Kira for the wonderful class and original design! I have one full kit left in store ($40) and houses on their own coming back into stock soon. They are $10.95 each. Thanks for looking!


A flower to brighten the day

Walked into the store this morning and this lovely big flower greeted me with it’s beautiful orange petals.

It’s from my Mum’s garden – there is something quite special about being given a flower from one’s garden… Thank you Mum I love it!
Flowers brighten up any space – I think it looks lovely right here on my front counter where I get to see it all day. Just hope I don’t knock it over.

20130517-102201.jpg I meant to bring in a proper vase, but forgot again, so this KFC Homer Simpson cup will do for now with a piece if card and a ribbon. I have to figure out a better option to make it stand in the middle of the cup – sticky tape is doing the job now – ha ha… So classy! Have a great day wherever you are


Pity Party Over

Today was Pity Party day…. and it turned out to be a fizzer.
There was no Pity. There was no Party.

I was supposed to be sad and sore and swollen and sorry for myself. But I was not. Hooray! I must have done something good to someone in another life to be spared the misery that others have had with their wisdom teeth.

Well, I was a little sore during the night, my ice pack ran warm, and  I slept in… then I figured I may as well work from home today as Kira has a good handle on the shop. She’s so helpful and friendly and does a fabulous job, I am sad at the thought she will be away with her little bundle of babyness, but also very excited for her as I see her filling out in front of her pink workshirt. Pregnancy is so beautiful and she is a great Mum.

My girl is away with a friend, so I hung with my boys, each of us sitting on a computer, me organising photos and “researching” scrapbooking wholesalers and “thinking” of class ideas for 2012. I am not ready to reveal our classes just yet, have to tweak a couple of things, but an email will go out (if I ever get my butt to work) and we are taking bookings if you don’t want to miss out for adults scrap, cardmaking and  kids class  for Term 1, beginning February.

I have been plugging things in my my  ipad’s to-do list and ticking some off… now 2 days later I have 49 incomplete tasks. Seems I had better get used to seeing that in bold red numbers. It will be 47 again soon as I tick off  ‘photo of the day’ and ‘ blog post’.

Tonight we watched Transformers number something-or-other. Not really my thing, and I sat with them for the first 10 minutes, then moved to my desk which is still in the same room, and my ears are still ringing from the volume of the speakers. Boys! Man I love them… but am glad I am a girl! Bring on scrap night.

I hope you and yours had a lovely day, and if you are out and about tomorrow come say hi at work… I might actually be there! Shock.

and today’s upload for 365…

Super Kid  207 / 365
This is my kid… and he sure is super!
Spent the day with my 4 boys today in the land of computers and Transformers

Dental work

My dentist is a lovely lady, she is kind and considerate and tries to make my experience there as pleasant as possible.

“Don’t be fooled,” I am told, “all dentists have a sadistic streak, that’s why they call them dentists, they like to see you squirm”.

“No, no, no, that’s simply not true!”

I had a  manky wisdom tooth  removed today. Ow.

I tried real hard to be calm, and thought I was doing a pretty darn good job, until they said, “she’s not breathing”, and commented to each other, ” look at her frightened eyes, looks like dear-in-the-headlight-kinda-wild”.

“it’s ok, you’re doing well,” the nurse kindly crooned, it was then I thought I had better let my grip go of the poor nurse whose hand I was mangling, and to put my legs back down on the chair as they were up in the air. What is it about the dentist that I cannot handle? What a friggin sook!

Not the sort of thing you want done everyday. Oh well, to look on the bright side, I get a day off work tomorrow and I’ve been told not to smoke, drink alcohol or do any heavy work for the next couple of days… I think they mean couple of weeks! Aha, that’s what I’ll tell the kids anyway, and have them run around doing my chores

I was also told no sports, no netball, no running around. I think they have me confused with someone who might actually do something athletic. Trust me… There are no worries there.

Can I do the floors? No. Can I do the dishes? Yes… But shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Can I sit on my butt and play on my iPad?  Most definitely.

And a photo for you from my project.

Always together 206 / 365
Hubby is looking after me even more so today as I had a wisdom tooth extracted, and am feeling a little sorry for myself, but he is always looking after me. Always there. Always together.
My brother took this pic of us on Christmas day, and it quickly became my new favourite photo