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Art journaling “the weekend”

Its the first weekend of Winter here in Australia, temperatures have dropped (it was 7 degrees the other night) and time for the garden to change with the season. For those of us who live in Western Australia we had a long weekend, with Monday as a public holiday “Western Australia Day”, and our family certainly enjoyed the long break, lots of relaxing and hanging out together. Sleeping, games, gardening and a couple of marathon late nights of “Game of Thrones” on the TV.
This weekend Miss E and I planted some bare rooted roses out the front and also some shade-loving plants (forget the name) by the fence out the back. We are also trying Geraniums in the back garden, hopefully they’ll be ok. It has a lack of sun most of the day. Most everything there died early this year, and we feared it was the soil we brought in so we’ve been very cautious as to what goes there. Perhaps it was a watering issue??? We are not sure, but we tried very hard and it was a lot of time and money wasted, so we are hoping for a better outcome this season. On a positive note the jonquils have all popped up and look like they’ve doubled, also the grape hyacinths have sprouted and are healthy green. Oh and a few tomato plants have emerged, growing vigorously, must have come from seeds in my compost. The soil can’t be all that bad surely?

A quick page for my art journal – oh how I love the weekend.

20130603-235916.jpg Most of the time I don’t know where to start, I always feel the need to be given the “starting point” or some kind of “direction” in my art journal, and more often than not I stare at a blank page and it remains blank for the rest of the week. I wish creativity came to me easily. I am working toward trying my own hand rather than finding things I want to emulate. I spend a while lot of time looking at art, rather than making something individual.
I began with green chalk ink and then added the stem border with leaves.

20130604-000637.jpgMy journaling reads

I love the weekends – time to spend a lazy morning sleeping in late. I feel at such PEACE when I am sitting in the dirt of my GARDEN, working my body and enjoying the sounds and smells if the EARTH around me. Bring on the weekend! Is it Sunday yet?……….

I hope you enjoyed your weekend… They go too quick, even when it’s a long one!



Page of the Month – July & August

The next two classes in the Basic Grey Page of the Month series feature the new Out of Print and Oxford collections. I know many of you have been chompin’ at the bit to see what’s coming up next for these classes, so I’m happy to share with you the layouts that you can do if you have the subscription. (Oh and I have one kit of each left in store if you missed out last time)

Now just to give you an idea of what these value-packed classes include, with this particular kit you’ll receive 10 double-sided patterned papers (2 each of 5 different designs), a sheet of laser cut cardstock, a package of the new yo-yos embellishments, a sheet of cardstock title stickers and a sheet of alphabet stickers.
Perfect for  two vertical 4×6 photos and two 4×4 photos – you’ll also need  border punch ( oh my – come see our new Martha Stewart punches and a white journaling pen to create the two-page, 12×12 layout you see above, and there will be a bunch of leftover goodies to use on future projects!

The August class features “Oxford”—perfect for those school photos, but masculine enough for your favourite boys too!
 With this class, you’ll get ten double-sided patterned papers as well, plus a sheet of cardstock element stickers, a sheet of element stickers, a pack of die-cut “pieces” and a pack of Office Tabs which are exclusively available with these kits due to a production shortage at Basic Grey!
To complete this layout you’ll need five 4×4 photos, a scallop border punch, a 1″ circle punch and your journaling pens.
If you want these kits – contact me.

My 365 photographic entry for today is actually one I took a while back that has been waiting for a place to post. Taken from above, nice and close.  
Paper Thin 149 / 365
The cool weather brings a whole new life to our garden – these are tiny and paper thin. One touch and they disintegrate.
Paper Thin by scrapnyak

End of term draws near.

After a lovely weekend with my family I am ready for the last week of term and look forward to the school holidays, sleep-ins and being with my King, Princess and Princes. During the break at work we will put on the finishing touches to our Term 3 classes, already they are looking great.

With the prices of scrapbooking falling so much, we are happy to announce that we have had to restructure our class prices… to your advantage! Those who booked in advance this term already have credits awaiting them as the stock that came in was at great prices. So if the old dollar was holding you back from scrapping… then no more… come in to see our great affordable classes to suit you!

 Check out the kids timetable on the “Current Timetables” to see what Em has in store for the kids over the holidays. Pics and dates will be added soon. We also have a Late Night Lock In over the break, the last weekend of the holidays, I know a few people who have been hanging out for one of these!

And of course… followed by the 365 photographic entries for yesterday and today.

Labelled a Weed 147 / 365
But it’s really quite pretty. Back in the garden again this weekend, (seems it’s the only place I can hide out where it’s relatively quiet) and we planted some new little plants. Most of my time was spent weeding… there are five hundred trillion weeds (trust me I counted them) most of them small, but they all had to go, and with all the little self-seeded plants in amongst them, I didn’t dare leave them till my darling hubby comes along with the poison and kills everything. Some weeds were large, and flowering like this beauty, and yes, this one was pulled up too. Shame as they grow so well and have such a pretty flower, but they completely take over… so they had to go of nothing else would survive. Sometimes you have to let go of something good if you want something better there in it’s place.
Labelled a Weed by scrapnyak

Winter green 148 / 365
More weeds… but it is oh so nice to see it so brilliantly green down the back of our yard for a change. The only thing that really grows well under out huge Gum trees are the weeds in winter. We will have to get to them soon. (and I use the term “we” loosely here, I mean “he”, haha)
Winter green by scrapnyak

With love to you and yours xxx

Just in

Whilst we are trying to clear so many things from the shop, with our great sale, this lovely order came in so I just had to post it.
Bo Bunny’s Barefoot and Bliss. Gorgeous! Also the Zooology collection. Be quick or miss out!

Here is a layout from BoBunny using Barefoot and Bliss.

And my 365 photographic entries for the past couple of days

pretty 141 / 365
another flower shot… sorry. Been busy! Will be busy for a while longer too! Love seeing the flowers coming to life in the garden.
pretty by scrapnyak

Reminiscing 142 / 365
Feels like yesterday when my boys were like this. I look at this photo and can almost smell them – so divine.
This is one of my all-time favourite photos, it’s an oldie now, but still evokes so many emotions. Sigh…
Reminiscing by scrapnyak
Have a great day!

Merry week gone by

Don’t you just love it when you are so busy that time flies? Or do you dislike it? I am not sure. On one hand it’s nice to be so active… on the other I feel like I am on a merry-go-round, it’s all fun till you want to get off and you can’t. You have to ride it out. But it’s fun, so it’s ok. This is me, saying the same stuff I say at the end of every term, love it, but am looking forward to school holidays. My kids have been working very hard this term (and for those interested in math scores – the boys work paid off, they both got B’s – without leaving classroom or aid) Now they want a kitten as a pay-off. Lord help me!  

Another week of awesome classes gone by. Book now for next term and also for the kids during the school holidays. Here’s a pic of Saturday’s  kids class. Fun! And they all got it done on time, cutting, inking, mounting, string, and all! They are such legends in our kids class.
We made some more kits up (lucky to anticipate another over-full class) and we have one little lonely kit left for someone who would like to put it together. Full instructions and photograph included. $19.95

And here are a couple of my 365 entries for this week from around my yard. We have been getting some lovely rainfall.

Native 138 / 365
The rain washed most of the dust… not all, and will bring more flowers. Everything will be clean and shining soon.
Native by scrapnyak

Vinca 139 / 365
My garden is loving all this rain we are getting… it really suffers being on water restrictions.
My boys on the other hand are NOT loving the rain… it’s too loud on the tin roof through the night. Ah well… can’t win all the time.
Vinca by scrapnyak

Down the weedy path 140 / 365
The yard is transformed into green now the rains are here and it’s a welcome change, even if most of the green are weeds. 🙂 Thought I’d snap this little angel reading a book under my daughters archway to the cubby. She’s busy all day today at school, (yes it’s Sunday) for a “write a book in a day” activity to raise money for Princess Margaret Hospital. From 8am to 8pm! Written, printed, illustrated, bound and presented. I keep thinking about her and think she will be one tired little miss when she gets home. 2 half hours to go.
Down the weedy path by scrapnyak
Take care. Enjoy you day where ever you are. x

Good things

Good things are coming 137 / 365
Miraculously my Freesias come up every year about this time and I know very soon that a whole bunch of the most gorgeous scented flowers will be growing in our garden. They grow so tall that they fall over! So many good things coming our way!
Good things are coming by scrapnyak
I am inspired and happy. Tired, as our excellent class tonight went WAY over time and some people kept me out late last night,  but happy.  I met a lovely lady today and I am grateful for the people who enter my life.  A short conversation ( oh ok.. who can I kid… we were talking for AGES) and we have so much in common and similar views. She made me step back and take a look at myself and be proud. I have such doubt in myself, question everything, procrastinate terribly and then still end up wondering if I am doing the right thing! Thanks Cherie for renewing my faith in myself and my lovely little store. xx