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What’s Up

May’s layout for Page of the Month features four photos, tons of room for a title and journaling, and is ruler-straight with special area for shapes, texture and dimension for a page that really POPS. What’s Up works great with both colour and black and white photos and features the fuzzy felt shape stickers and brand-new flags.
May’s theme is “What my Parents Taught Me”and is a chance to scrapbook cherished advice from a loved one. The Parisian-inspired colours and designs of What’s Up work perfectly for all types of topics for advice. Photos can feature scans of family photos or evidence of advice followed.

 Journaling prompt:
1. What is one of your favourite pieces of advice about? Food? MOney? Work ethic? Cleaning tips? Driving? Fashion or style?
2. Did your parent(s) teach you by telling you or by showing you what they meant?
3. How has this advice impacted your life?
4. Is this a lesson you will pass down?

I think we will enjoy tonight’s Page Of The Month scrapbooking.

Feel free to comment with your own answers to these prompts! We’d love to hear it!


People I meet

You know, I get to meet some of the most amazing woman in our community, they come and go though the store, sometimes giving us a glimpse of how marvelous they are, other times we know that they don’t even know themselves how amazing they really are. I just love meeting the people I do.
Some are artistic, some are compassionate, some funny, some creative, some a great with colour, some are learning, some need a shoulder, and a couple I know need new shoulders!
I meet great Mums, and excited Grannies, I meet people who love their families. I meet other like-minded scrapbook store owners and I meet people online. I have made friends with people all around the world, from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada to the Netherlands.

I love my job, and the people who surround me… Thank you. You make such a difference in my life.

Here is a layout from one of the amazing women who has come into my life through The Scrapbook House, her name is Julie and I think she is terrific!
The Konnichiwa layout from the Basic Grey POTM didn’t suit her, so she made her own… and as I watched in wonder as this creation come alive I asked if she would mind if I posted it here for you to see.


Just look how many photos she managed to get into this


I just love how much FUN she has with this.


Thanks Jules for sharing!

Happier and happier

Do you find sometimes that you have a great idea for a layout but have trouble finding the photos to suit?
Or perhaps you’ve done a fabulous class (at let’s say a fabulous store), and you can’t choose which persons photo to put on such a special layout?
Or, you’ve signed up to do Page of the Month, and have now have a stack of photo-bare layouts? Or worse still, a bunch of kits waiting to be done?

Ok… Maybe it’s just me.

But I am sure I am not alone. I am sure this happens to many of us and you know what? Its okay! Yes, it is okay.
One day, one fabulous day, you will get out that layout and have the perfect photo for it, or one day you will find yourself with 2 hours to spare one night and get out that kit, and put it together.

You might even get out a finished but photo-bare layout and decide to spend half a night looking for 4 photos of you and your hubby to suit. Then realize that over the years you take hundreds thousands of photos but there are only a few of you together, and even less of your family all together. ( side note to my family- when we are at family events, please take my camera and get. A shot of all of us together, thank you)

I did this… But then you knew this list was going somewhere right? well, at least you were hoping. This double page layout from last years Basic Grey (Little Black Dress range) was complete, all but the photos. It sat and sat, then one night I decided to spend some time looking and I found 4 photos of the King and I together but none of them matched…. Solution? Make them all black and white. Problem solved. Layout complete. Happy Mamma.


Leftovers? I have tonnes of them, and I never seem to use them, but can’t throw them away, so I took them along to my friend Sharon’s house and made a few cards. So these are just using our A5 card stock in white, with all Basic Grey leftover, and I did borrow Sharon’s Martha Stewart punches. Also had to add a couple of Crochet by Kim flowers too… Love these!




So remember, one day you will find the perfect photos for that layout, but for now… Just enjoy the creative process and the rest will follow.
Have a wonderful day. xx