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Watercolour Challenge

I had two friends tag me in a Prima Watercolour Challenge that was posted on Facebook – so I headed over to have a look.

Uhhuh, yeah, I could give it a go, for a little while anyway. I’m not good at sticking to things for very long. I had tried the “planking challenge” and only got to day 4… and mostly because day 3 was a rest day.

Turns out I loved it, and kept up every day.  Being challenged to paint something each day, although difficult, took the worry out of “what to paint” and it didn’t have to have it perfect, it didn’t even have to be good. The only requirement I set on myself was that it was “done”.

I urge you to give it a go, take the challenge yourself – and see where it takes you. I’d love to see your paintings too if you would be so kind to share.

The only thing that worried me was uploading them for others to see, my little paintings so I also added a short video here and there to show the progression of some of them. This is all new to me and I learned so much along the way.

Here are the paintings. I will also add the quick videos to this post, and upload them to the website as some of them are now on youtube.

Please be inspired to have a play with watercolours. 🙂

Love Tania



Watercolour your World

When Emily came to town I couldn’t wait to give her these sets of watercolours, check out what we created with them.

watercolour craze

Watercolour Confections: just like a tin of sweet confections our new watercolour tins are filled with wonderful, delightful watercolour pans in a decadent array artist-grade, high quality, and highly pigmented watercolour pans. Each tin includes flip-out mixing trays and superb features for the artist on the go! Available in Decadent Pies, Tropicals, and The Classics. (Psst…Decadent Pies has four metallic pans included!)

 We had fun in our art journals, the colours are so vibrant and luscious. I can’t wait to include these in a class somehow.

Available at The Scrapbook House

Have a colourful day


Today’s Crafting fun

Out with the markers and aquash brushes today to paint up these cards designed by Sharon. It was challenging as we had to try out different techniques with brushes, markers, crackle medium and pearl paints. Topping this off with the new white distress marker made this something really new for our ladies. It was a little daunting to think we had to “paint” colour onto our flowers, but we were all so very impressed at just how lovely each one turned out.

Card Class Painted Flowers Distress Marker

One lady in class commented during a section that we were all finding tricky,  “This is difficult”.
Another replied ” I guess if we all knew how to do this we wouldn’t be here”.
So wonderful and positive,  I just love all my wonderful customers. Thanks for a great morning.





Art journaling to share

Some friends have a little art journaling to share with us from a few classes ago.

This is another take on one of our classes, I do believe this us from Eva’s Janice’s book (correct me please if I am wrong  thanks for the correction) and I love the “hands” and the play on words.

20130630-010403.jpgthe journaling reads

A Mothers hands can tell a story.
The hands of strength is a Mothers hand
You may hold my hand for a short time but you’ll hold my heart forever
A mothers hand never let’s go
Two hands are better than one
❤My Mum

Just lovely, a nice dedication to Janice’s Mum!
Next we have Janice’s page, using the “positive” image and boy… she has picked up the texture paste thing and “run with it”!

20130630-011039.jpgThese pages have layers of goodness! I love the silhouette of the cowboy.

20130630-011525.jpgThe journaling reads

The world of reality has its limits; but the world of imagination has no boundaries
Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter the least
Life is not about waiting got the storm to pass, it’s about learning up dance in the rain. Life is what happens up us while others are still making plans

And Julie has a lovely lady to share

20130630-012445.jpgJulie’s lady had beads and pearls and feathers too! The script stamps are a favourite, I don’t think I would ever tire of them.

Thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing with us –
Have a great day




Red is the colour of energy, passion and action. Red… the colour of love. We were asked to bring our red paint as well this week… It is amazing to see the the different creations all with the same products! Thanks Michelle for another inspiring class, the journaling side has really for me thinking, and as usual, I wait till I am home in and quiet to reflect on what I will write. Here’s a few pictures of the ladies at work tonight. Beginning with Janice and her smiley face – she used her doily to make wings for the butterfly.

20130527-213123.jpg Lorraine and Josie got into the colours, bright and beautiful.

20130527-213348.jpgMinnie is fun to watch when she gets going on her page, she learned about “pipette” painting, then away she went!


20130527-223647.jpgA page by Lyn

20130527-223746.jpgand another by Shelley

20130527-223901.jpgUp close and personal with Eva, who is so good to journal as she goes in class.

20130527-224004.jpgSuzie added gold details to her flowers

20130527-224104.jpgAnd Lorraine’s page is fighting the red…

20130527-224303.jpgHer journaling reads

Red oppressive red,
Taking over,
Sucking the power,
The body,
Look at me… Look at ME
I will not feed you, go away.

Here us my finished page. I added some black edging and lettering at home, and I realise now there isn’t any red paint used… Dunno how that happened, guess I wasn’t paying attention.

20130527-233604.jpgMy journaling reads

One day actually getting to see these wonderful sights I’ve always wanted to see.

20130527-233733.jpgEvery possibility begins with the courage to imagine…
Have a great day


Not a morning person

Are you a night owl or an early bird? I’ve never been one to enjoy the early hours of the day, I was the kid who was last into class every day. I had some long suffering friends who would walk me to school and they’d wait do patiently for me as a dragged my feet every morning. I wished school would start at 10:00 and finish later, I would perhaps have been more awake for more lessons.
The Scrapbook House just happens to open at 10:00am, and that is a very good thing… because when I get home from class at 9:00pm I am very glad I didn’t have to be completely switched in every day at 8:30. Some says I don’t get home till 10:00pm and tonight we whizzed through class and we were out in record time.

20130516-212612.jpgA page from my #1 Art Journal

I find it SO HARD to get up in the mornings. I know, the simple solution would be to go to bed earlier, why can’t I just do that? I know I should. Still, silly me will stay up late again. Enjoying the quiet house once all the children have finally succumbed to sleep. I can see they are like me… I hope they get the chance to work a job that suits their “night owl” character too.
I hope you’ve had a great day – or night – as the case might be.


Heartistry workshop

Back in April I started an online art course with the talented Louise Williams. This is what it started out like and here is the link to the original post
My desk looked like this…

And my canvas looked like this.

Well, it was a 6 week course and I was chomping at the bit for each weeks lesson plan to come to me. I finished up with it looking like this.

And you don’t really want to see what my desk ended up looking like… Lets just say I am messy and leave it at that. 🙂

So I am thinking I need to add some words to it.. A quote maybe? The top left looks a little bare to me.

I have to be kind to myself as its the first time I have used pastels and created something a little more serious, I couldn’t expect much… but the way Louise encouraged us to go on and not worry too much about it all I am very happy with the result. Not bad for a beginner. Thanks Louise!
Here’s a list of things used on this class:
Paint, Gesso, texture paste, Glimmermist, bronze embossing powders, pastels, spray seal, tissue and scrapbook papers. Do you remember when I fell in love with templates? Here’s the original post – it was the kind of affair where you’ve been friends for a long time, then suddenly see things in a different way and bam… Love!
It leaves me wondering what other mediums are out there that I haven’t considered, and how much fun there still is to learn new things and share.
So back to the quote thing… What do you think? Add to it or leave it be?


Have you ever renovated? It’s a mammoth task to co-ordinate in a store, but we are getting there. This is why you haven’t heard from me much here on the blogscene, but we are OPEN still for business, if you are in Geraldton, come by to say hello and see the works-in-progress.

It’s also very exciting… to see new things going in makes me feel so happy,  (I think that new things make most people happy)  but to have everyone on our team showing up and completing each task set on time is something to be grateful for. Most reno’s you hear about have drama here and there.. but not ours. Well, not much anyhow. Maybe I shouldn’t talk too soon. Quick.. go touch some wood.

Those following us on facebook would have seen the images of our work, it’s fun to see the progress. It’s even funner ( yes I am aware that is not a word) to be seeing it all happen in real life… day by day, night by night too. This is something I have been planning for years, buying for and looking forward to. I have always wanted this for the store and it’s about time. My Mum always said good things come to those who wait (and plan and research and save) and it’s my turn now.

I feel like my dreams are coming true.

I must admit that it took the ceiling storm damage to prompt me to bring the refit forward to this November… it was due in 2012, but there’s nothing like a little push in the right direction to get you motivated. Right?

Follow along on the facebook photo album to see it in progress day-to-day and read comments on each photo. click here

Have a great weekend!

What to do when it’s overwhelming?

What does one do when they need to escape their feelings for a while? I don’t know… I was hoping you would answer that!

My first answer would be ‘keep busy’.

My family have given me all the space I needed to be with my Nanna, Pop, Mum and Aunts this past week, and they needed a little of me too by Sunday afternoon. I had pottered in the garden, talked with each of them and was finding myself wanting to do ‘something’ but not wanting to do ‘anything’, but needing to keep my hands busy.  Child #2 was calling me to come paint with her, so I did. That works a treat every time. I do love to paint. So I painted this canvas yesterday afternoon.

Now my Mum will like it, but I do not, it’s a complete cheat, a fraud! It was one of those kits that supplies the paint and tells you how to mix the perfect shade and where to put it. It’s a no-brainer – fun.. but not my work. I just ‘coloured’ it in.

I like these ones better from a while back… because I painted them myself freehand, and if you were wondering, those 2 ‘special’ ladies who were the recipients of my paintings, were both of my Grandmothers; My Nanna and my Oma. My Nanna’s painting remained on her wall till today.

But… it did the trick. It kept me busy without straining any muscle in my foggy brain. Yup that’s the trick – keep busy.

So I thought I’d go into work today, as much as I wanted to stay curled up in my bed I made myself rise, shower and go through the motions of getting to work.

I didn’t realise I would be greeted with this:

And today I would spend most of the day cleaning, thinking that maybe I should have stayed in bed after all. The ceiling/roof had lifted again during the Saturday night storms and left the shop and the workroom in an awful state. It’s all secured now, the blokes from GBSC spent a great deal of time battening it all down to be sure it’s safe but looks like we will be getting ourselves a new ceiling! Know what that means? Yup! More work! As if we haven’t had enough already.

Oh well… it’s only dust… and it kept us very busy all day!

New things…

I feel new things coming my way… fresh new things. I feel happy and excited, with a hundred ideas in my head and I can’t wait to share.

I have been looking around for some links for this blog, to share some of my favourite designers and bloggers. This has to be my first! Love this canvas… made by Patricia.

When I get a blog roll… she will be on it! I love her use of Glimmermist, can’t wait to get some of that Glam too! This canvas is excellent and not only do I LOVE the saying on it… I love how colourful the lettering is. Now it’s got me thinking my next canvas might have stamping on it instead of painting.. uh oh… another project to do.

You can visit Patricia Komara at http://plkomara.blogspot.com/

I also think I might need to buying one of these…

Who says advertising doesn’t pay? God he’s hunky! I’d buy whatever he’s peddling.

And here is a little something I have been working on lately for our Wednesday Cardmaking Class. I do love tulips!

Enjoy your day.


Time to Paint

I do hope you are enjoying your Easter holiday. Our holidays are spent at home with the family, not that we have a lot of choice in that matter, but we enjoy it just the same. Being the ‘working Mum’ my home is often neglected and my kids miss out on a lot of ‘fun Mum stuff’, so each holidays I try to make it worth the wait and do stuff with them. Simple ‘fun Mum stuff’ like swimming, watching tv and hanging out together. My girl child is away with friends and I do miss her! Being in a house full of boys, completely outnumbered is challenging and I have had to put up with all manner of conversation and fart jokes. Today seemed to flow so well, and my number one rule was to ban tv and computer (for all our sakes) till after dark. What a difference that makes! We cleaned and tidied and I got 3 loads of washing done (Josh watched… lazy bugger) as they pulled out the Kings’ birthday present – model airplanes, and they painted and glued and sanded the afternoon away. After lunch we all headed for a swim next door (even Josh) and then came back home for more painting. I decided to finish off a painting that I had started earlier this year.. it’s sat and sat, waiting for me. So today I finished it and was happy with the result. No idea what kind of bird that is… haha, but I made it for a special lady who likes red breasted robins. I should have googled robins perhaps, but copied from a picture of a bird I liked and made it’s breast read instead. Ah well, it’s kinda cute and she will like it I am sure. She has no idea that I have done it for her, hopefully she won’t think I’m just plain weird.
We also watched a movie, but child #3 headed off to bed unwell, it seems my kids are guaranteed to get a cold 2 days after going to the aquarena. He goes about 2 or 3 times a year  and EVERY time gets sick, and he is not sick in between! Grrr… they must get the water up their nose or in their throats. I just pray it doesn’t go through the house. Makes me want to avoid that pool.
I have been working on card classes too, last night and tonight. It’s easier creating when you’re not under the pump and much more enjoyable too. Maybe by the end of tonight I will have one full class done, with additional samples. (yes.. I tend to overdo things, I know, but “class” has to be good!)
Enjoy your weekend!
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Time to paint

111 / 365
Today was such a lovely day hanging out with my boys. There seemed time for everything. They put together some model airplanes so I got out my paints and finished off my ‘bird on a branch’ that’s been sitting on my easel for the longest time.