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Arty farty


So, the journey begins… The course I am doing with Heartistry is an 8 week course… Hold the bus? You mean I have to wait each week for the next lesson? What? WAIT? Really?

Now, this is very difficult for me to do… I am an all-in kinda girl and once I get the mojo flowing, I don’t wanna stop… Other than the pastels, I think I have done most of the techniques we are going to learn, I just wanted to learn from somebody… A teacher! But I have to wait… and that means so will you. Hopefully I am able to post the finished product, and I am not the artist I would like to be, so it’s all a learning journey for me, but I don’t mind that my art is not great so I’m not too bashful to show it to you. After all, no art is terrible… or at least if it is… there will be someone who likes it.

Thats the great things about art, its all how you see it. Mostly for me, I don’t like looking at it, I just like doing it. Which is why (unless I give it away) I end up reusing canvases and painting over them after a while.

So… This is what I did last night…that’s Basic Grey Pyrus. under that Gesso and texture.


And here you can see better with one of my new Crafters Templates, the ink splotch, I am loving that one too!


We don’t get to add any more until next week.
Oh no!
I went shopping (at my favourite art store Jacksons) and bought chalk pastels (thanks Sue)… And we don’t get to use them today? No no no… What to do? Of course, just take them and play! So, Em and I set ourselves up at the table and we tried pastels for the first time, just on a rough sheet of watercolour paper, and this is what we came up with. Now of course, as soon as the art supplies are out, so are my 3 youngest, all wanting to get creative too. So the Princess wanted to draw too, (her art blows me away every time, makes me want to ban her because she makes me look bad) needless to say, I have a LOT to learn about scary chalk pastels before I can say I like them. They are not nice to work with.



Em’s dark-eyed girl turned out gorgeous. Pfft. Beginner.


Move over hubby, I have found a new love…

Sorry, but I’ll be spending the night with my new Crafters Templates tonight… I love them so much! I have used half a tub of texture paste too!

First there was this one…

This was the one that started it all last year for me… Do you remember that glimmer misting class with all those pages? Goodness it was a 6 page class, how could you EVER forget? Well, that brick was My favourite part of that class, (my least favourite was all that cutting of those pesky little flowers)

Well, the brick started it and then there was this one…


Which we used last term with texture paste and paints in Natalie’s class “Love”
You can’t see the template use in this picture, but it was this the class.


Now I have begun a mixed media class with Heartistry, and just HAD to get a few more… So I picked these ones up…




Tonight I have used, canvas, scrapbook paper, mod podge, gesso, texture paste and tissue! It was so much fun that all my kids joined in making their own creations too. I can’t wait to show you what we are up to with these!

Hubby? Well he just went to bed alone…
Oh well.