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Are you the type of person that is envious of the kids that have art classes at school nowadays? I am! We didn’t have a fabulous art program at school back in my day!
I have looked at a few art and mixed media classes and they haven’t been quite right, and also looked at a couple online, eyeing of Wyanne’s art classes for so long. I can’t do this on my own, and really need a class to encourage me along.
Then a friend of a friend posted a message online about this online mixed media class coming up in April with Louise Williams… and I jumped on it, booking back in early February. I thought April was a long way off, leaving me plenty of time to prepare (both to get all the stuff I need, and a couple of months to clear my messy desk) but it has snuck up on me in my slackness. Oh, I will never change.

So… If you’d like to join this adventure I think Louise is still taking registrations, go check it out!