Paper Bag Album

EDIT > I have uploaded instructions for this little album to share – for free, on the main page, this is the post where y0u will find it.



100_4827.JPG 100_4828.JPG 100_4829.JPG 100_4830.JPG 100_4831.JPG 100_4832.JPG 100_4833.JPG 100_4834.JPG 100_4835.JPG 100_4836.JPG 100_4837.JPG 100_4838.JPG 100_4839.JPG 100_4840.JPG 100_48411.JPG 100_4843.JPG 100_4825.JPG

10 responses to “Paper Bag Album

  1. willie carter

    love it, cant wait till I can go to a workshop to make one of these

  2. looks way cute! i wanna make one! 🙂

  3. They are fun and easy Kailee, you should give it a go!

  4. nice work tania……….

  5. I’ll be posting pictures of my new Autumn paper bag books! Come check them out soon….

  6. Kristine, Let me know when they are up and I will take a look.

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  8. That looks so cool!
    Can you buy them at the store,Tania?
    I think my mum would be interested in one of those.

    • Kels, these are an older class now, but I think i might still have the instructions floating around. Ask me when you are in next and I’ll have a look for you.


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