Anyone Can Watercolour

Watercolour is trendy because it’s beautiful and ANYONE can do it! Watercolors can be added to virtually any project by virtually any age! And you know we’re here to make watercolor even MORE fun with a few of our latest and greatest products! Check them out!

Watercolor book

Watercolour Colouring Book: filled with 24 gorgeous illustrations, from quotes to florals to typography, each printed on thick watercolour paper, ready for you to bring to life! For those who don’t like to draw…it’s ALL done for you. You just sit down and colour away.

Watercolor wall frame

Once you finish your gorgeous watercolour design, add a flower with a leaf, frame it in an A4 frame and hang!

Watercolour brushes

Watercolour Brush Pens: a set of three water-brushes with three wide tips: 1/4″, 1/3″, and 1/2″!

To make water colouring even more fun Prima has started a fabulous Facebook group dedicated to all thing watercolour! Join them at The Coloring Society and share your creations!

who wants to play

watercolour craze

Her Style was Sassy

with just a bit of attitude…  I asked the kids in class if any of them had a bit of attitude, they were coy and sweetly admitted to “just a little bit”. Darlings.

This is the Art Journal page we did, and we all loved using Distress Crayons. Here’s a quick overview if you would like to re-create this at home.
We primed the page with gesso first, and force dried to be sure there were no damp patches ( we will be adding embossing powder and you don’t want it to stick to your whole page)

Stamp the clock with clear embossing ink, add white powder and heat set.

Crayon on some colour and spray with water, blend with your fingers until the crayon is just “colour” and you can’t see your crayon strokes anymore. Add more water, or blot it off as you like. You can add and remove as much as you want. Really easy! Try different colours.

Allow to dry naturally, then swipe off the white embossing to reveal the clock.

Stamp some words, and flick with black paint.

I added the crayon to the texture paste to have a matching texture colour, then used this mixture on the wildflower stencil to add another layer to our page.

Add clock hands (cut with the diecut machine, yes, the kids cut their own) and finish off with a gem.


These are products I used – all available at The Scrapbook House

 Here’s another version – different colours.

Watercolour your World

When Emily came to town I couldn’t wait to give her these sets of watercolours, check out what we created with them.

watercolour craze

Watercolour Confections: just like a tin of sweet confections our new watercolour tins are filled with wonderful, delightful watercolour pans in a decadent array artist-grade, high quality, and highly pigmented watercolour pans. Each tin includes flip-out mixing trays and superb features for the artist on the go! Available in Decadent Pies, Tropicals, and The Classics. (Psst…Decadent Pies has four metallic pans included!)

 We had fun in our art journals, the colours are so vibrant and luscious. I can’t wait to include these in a class somehow.

Available at The Scrapbook House

Have a colourful day


iPhone backgrounds

Do you have a smart phone? I found you something…

iphone wallpaper everything okiphone wallpaper reasons to be happyiphone wallpaper think happyiphone wallpaper solemly swear

If don’t know about you, but I spend a butt load of time on my phone, and the wallpaper and lock screen are images I love. But I do like a change… so I found these images on Pinterest and saved them for you. If you’d like more, you can check out our board here and follow us on Pinterest for great ideas to inspire you!

I don’t know how to do it on all phones, but on the iPhone I think you can do it like this…

Just hold your finger on the image, tap “Save image”.  Open the image in your camera roll. Tap the little square with an arrow on the bottom left.

Swipe the bottom menu across till you see the “Use as wallpaper” and tap. You can set it as your lock screen if you like too. (I like this because thats where you see all the image without the icons)

And if you have Scrapbook House in your contacts you can add this image…

First you need our details 0899648288
You can hold this phone number, then tap “Add to Contacts”,
Choose “Create new Contact” and type in Scrapbook House where it says “Company”, then “Done”.

scrapbook house logo

Again – hold your finger on the image, tap “Save image”. Open the image in your camera roll. Swipe the bottom menu across till you see ” Assign to contact” and choose Scrapbook House

You’re welcome. xx

Treat Box

Perhaps you are still thinking about that perfect something to give your Mum for Mothers Day this weekend… what about something handmade?

Our treat boxes are easy to decorate, a project you could do in an evening.

Treat Box by Celeste Vintage Rose and Dusty Attic

Use your favourite stash of papers and flowers, or buy something new and fresh.

Instructions are downloadable here Dusty Attic Treat Box Instructions



Business Excellence Awards

Something to do with writing 3000 words and baring all to others freaks me out.

Well, I did it. I finally filled out the application form and submitted it. Phew.

make it happen

It was an exhausting process, so much writing, and the more I self examined the business, the more I became aware of some great things, and then… some not so great things.

Things to be proud of… and also things I need to work on. Geez, I hate having faults… So without broadcasting all my faults (yes there are more than one) I am endeavouring to do things better for the business. This will help me… and it will also help you.

But the good things are really good! And I was so proud of my submission. I have been nominated for many awards over the years and never actually submitted anything.  We have a rocking little business with so much to be proud of, it was really nice to see this on the pages in front of me. Thanks to the Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (who I have always been very scared of) for the opportunity to take a look at myself and in turn for the judges to take a look at me.

Thanks to whoever nominated me – this is for you. red heart picture

Now it’s in their hands and I can get back to doing what I do.




Make a Mini Album

Kraft Travel Mini Album frontCeleste has used her creative skills to build us a quick and easy mini album that we can recreate and decorate in a single class.

This travel album is sure to delight and when you’ve filled it with photographs and memories, it will become a treasure to be admired.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The entire album is constructed using Premium Kraft card stock, using 2 of the 3 different weights available, heavy card and medium card,  as well as envelopes in a few sizes. These have been kitted up for our class along with the papers, stickers, hardware and embellishments.

Join us Friday May 13th for some creative fun. Cost $15 class plus supplies. Kits available $36.95