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Watercolour Challenge

I had two friends tag me in a Prima Watercolour Challenge that was posted on Facebook – so I headed over to have a look.

Uhhuh, yeah, I could give it a go, for a little while anyway. I’m not good at sticking to things for very long. I had tried the “planking challenge” and only got to day 4… and mostly because day 3 was a rest day.

Turns out I loved it, and kept up every day.  Being challenged to paint something each day, although difficult, took the worry out of “what to paint” and it didn’t have to have it perfect, it didn’t even have to be good. The only requirement I set on myself was that it was “done”.

I urge you to give it a go, take the challenge yourself – and see where it takes you. I’d love to see your paintings too if you would be so kind to share.

The only thing that worried me was uploading them for others to see, my little paintings so I also added a short video here and there to show the progression of some of them. This is all new to me and I learned so much along the way.

Here are the paintings. I will also add the quick videos to this post, and upload them to the website as some of them are now on youtube.

Please be inspired to have a play with watercolours. 🙂

Love Tania



Red dress moment

Wow I had fun with my prima stash last night, as I scrapped for the PMS challenge of using the words “bucket list” as inspiration.
So I figured the Red Dress Moment is something that can be crossed off my bucket list now. You can read more about the Red Dress here, and even join in here if you wish for your own Red Dress Moment.



The story of the Traveling Red Dress by Jenny, also known as the Bloggess.


Paper, flowers, wooden ticket, lace & gems, clock and journal cards, are all Prima. There are a couple of little flowers by Vivaldi. Also a few crochet flowers and that fabulous beaded pin from Crochet by Kim.

Thanks for looking!


It’s not all fun and games and dressing up you know! We actually do get some scrapping done.

Here are some layouts my friends and I completed over our weekend away. Enjoy!

by Alison. Play – Al loves Kraft!


by Alison – A Wild Ride.

by Alison – Wild Boy

by Nat – Friends

By Basilia – The Travelling Red Dress

Basic Grey POTM February kit, Tania – Horseriding

by Tania – My Crafty Boy

Basic Grey POTM kit 2011, Tania – Michael Buble

Nats class kit, Tania – A little fruity

by Basilia – Little Man

Nat’s class kit, Michele – Mates

by Michele (apologies for losing your ‘f’) Father and Son

By Nat – Happy Feet

by Alison – The Groundsman

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Basila – Dream Big

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Nat – Your Beauty Radiates

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Tania – The Little Things

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Michele – My Precious Girl

Retreat 2011

A couple of weeks ago I spent a whole weekend with 25 amazing funny creative fun-loving crafty women at our yearly retreat at Golden Pond. Raelene and David  at Golden Pond Retreat cared for us and kept up the food and treats and put up with our noise and banter!

For some the enjoyment began earlier with lunch in town and being driven around in a limo wreaking havoc on the citizens of 0ur town. Kaye arrived by plane and was greeted by her ‘fan club’ at the airport with a banner causing much amusement from other passengers wondering just “who” she might have been? Someone famous maybe? What a laugh. I wish I was there to meet her too. They arrived at Golden Pond Retreat with hooters blaring and ready for a weekend of girly fun.
Scrapbook House Geraldton Retreat 11 Airport arrival After arrival we got  into our teams to introduce each other and learn a few things they have in common.
We had 4 teams  The Yellows, The Reds,The Blues and The Greens. Teams each had challenges, like creating a page in their colours and gaining points throughout the weekend.

 Soon we settled into some serious scrap time.

 Here is one of my pages (there were so few)

Along with all the scrapping and chatting there seemed to be a couple of tricksters amongst us and they were armed with Glad Wrap and alarm clocks, but the ‘tricked’ soon showed their revenge and showcased some sewing talents (sewing a ‘trickster’s’ bag shut) and there were laughs all round. It was fun to watch, but most of us were very careful not to get involved.

 Saturday night we had our team fun and the dress up challenges brought us out of our comfort zone… way out! We had rhymes, and performances too… even butt showing. It was all in the fun of it. Wow, didn’t these girls all look amazing? See what I mean? Talented and creative! So inspiring.


Just walking around the tables was a treat, to see what everyone was up to, and having a chat along the way and I think everyone learned something new, I know I was inspired to learn a new way to make flowers from my old “has-been” flowers. The layouts created were fabulous… and I can’t blogpost all of them, but you can zip over to the facebook page and I will have more layouts there (should be a link on the right – or go to and look under the photos.. then go to retreat 2011.

Queen of the crop went to Alison with her gorgeous “An apple a Day” layout. There was a super amount of work there to choose from, and there were many pages on display. I photographed about 30 of them, mostly just the first and will post in the facebook album if you want to swing by and take a look – be sure to leave a comment if you like them… or click the ‘like’ button. THere is one extra special layout there by Sandra… the monochrome single, classically simple not-over-the-top layout that you might just have to go see. This is the only layout Sandra did all weekend, and was her entry into Queen of the Crop… how it was not voted best overall is still beyond me and I have had requests for instructions and a class based on this layout. Go check it out in the retreat album 

Sunday was a realxing day with 3 lovely masseuses who came out for the day  to rub away any aches or pains. Bliss! There was a special lady who celebrated her  51st birthday too but she doesn’t look a day over 41. Happy birthday Jen. xx Some of us slept in, some were up early. I love that everyone is comfortable to do as they please and enjoy the weekend as much as they can… a weekend goes so fast!

 Some of us made new friends, many of us reaffirmed old ones… everyone had a good time.

Thanks ladies for the best weekend!

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White with One

The Challenge

Create a layout using


Oh boy this was tricky! I struggled with the colour orange, and found I didn’t really have much of it in my stash. I played around with elements on a page for the longest time, then this photo of Emily as Anne of Green Gables, with flaming hair ended up on my desk. Perfect! What I needed to kick start me was a better photograph to work with. I loved using my new Martha Stewart Border Punch too!

This one is mine… and here are some more by my talented scrappy friends!

Kat, by Eva

MAking Plans by Eva

Noosa 1999 By Jo

U2 are cute as Buttons By Michele

Counting is clever by Natalie

My turn by Sharon

“i got oyange hair” by Louise



Challenge Kits for March

On Sale now…

Challenge yourself for the bargain price of $9.95.

Who knows… you might even win a $15 voucher. At the very least you will have another completed page for your album. Go on… give it a go.

Up for the vote

February challenges are on display in store now… it’s amazing to see the creativity of all who completed the challenge. Wow.

I am not going to put up the pages for voting online… but I will photograph a section of each to show you what sort of talent our Scrapbook House customers have! The very best!

When you are next in please take a minute to vote for your favourite, the girls all put so much effort in and they are all winners, I wish they could all get a prize.

Challenge time

The votes have been counted and the winner is….

Jo Bunker! 

Congratulations Jo, your double page layout using the January Challenge pack is beautiful. You have won yourself a $15 voucher to spend in store, as you wish.

Here’s some closer photos of Jo’s layout. Love this.

And look at these little faces. I love how Jo uses her older photos so well.

Congratulations Jo… I will get your prize to you soon.

Thankyou to everyone who continues to complete the challenge every month, creating beautiful pages and supporting my store.  i ♥ you.

Go on… challenge yourself!

February Challenge Pack 

This month’s pack contains:

Paper Loft aged 12×12 paper – 3 sheets 
Paper Loft Weathered Signs, Paper Loft Weathered Alphabets, Paperclip, Black eyelets, dictionary sheet and a strip of fabric.

All for the bargain price of $9.95!

Your challenge is to use at least 50% of this pack to create a layout, you may add as many extras as you wish.

Return your layout to The Scrapbook house by the end of February & be in the running to win a $15 voucher!

Remember to vote!



New Challenge Kits

We’ve been kitting up this months challenge kits, and they all sorts in them.

Basic Grey – Making Memories – Collections – Heidi Swapp – Jenny Bowlin – and more.

Come and take up the challenge and create a page using these supplies.

And if you haven’t already, vote for last months now online and also in store. Scroll down a couple of posts for the online voting. We need your vote!

Layout Share – Imagine

The challenge was

  • the word “imagine” in the title
  • red
  • cream
  • black

Layout - Imagine redcreamblack

This challenge turned out easier than I thought it would. I just grabbed a heap of leftovers in the challenge colours and then figured which photos I would use. These were perfect. Pity it takes me so long to put together though.

The title is cut from the Cricut (welded with the Design Studio).  I cut two; one from black and the other from chipboard to layer.

Layout - Imagine redcreamblack2

Base inspiration

We all get our inspiration from somewhere.  I thought I’d show you a few layouts that my friends Nat and Michele did a while back. I found the pics on my camera as I was formatting it ready for a new disk.

Often when we scrap together we challenge each other in different ways to create a page. Sometimes it’s an idea, sometimes it’s a new range of products, sometimes it’s just plain old copying of a layout. That’s my favourite, I love to reproduce a layout in different colours, with different photos.

These layouts were all completed in the same night from the same idea source. It was a layout in a magazine somewhere, I can’t even remember which one now, but it was one we all liked the composition of. Layouts - sketch

See how we all created something totally different, but when you put them side by side you can pick that they are the same layouts?

Layout - Jack Jack

Layout - Jack Jack 2

Layout - Sick

Layout - Sick 2

Layout - Sick 3

Nice huh?

Why dont’ you give it a whirl? Grab a photo and a few papers that go together and see what you come up with.

Challenge Winner

Whilst we are on the subject of winners I thought I post the winner for the Challenge this month.

Congratulations to Shelly E. for her fabulous page featuring some beautiful tigers and a whole lot of mosaic work.

Challenge Winner 0709


This is the new Challenge Pack – available now

challenge 0709

June Challenge Kits

Selling fast.

Challenge 0609

Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Lisa M for her winning entry in the Scrapbook Challenge last month. Little Miss Chloe is her favourite subject right now to scrap… you can see why!

Challenge Winner 0609

Challenge Winner

Congratulations to this months’ challenge winner Fiona P.

Her layout “Our Dad” was chosen overall as the most popular – this is page one of two pages.

Challenge Winner 0509

Well done Fiona – can’t wait to see what you come up with next month.

This month’s pack is up for sale.. and it has a pair of funky scissors in it! Can’t have a challenge kit that not’s challenging hey?

Challenge Pack

This is the current challenge pack, you need to be quick if you are going to complete it in time now, it’s due in by the beginning of May although we will accept it late (and they probably won’t go up until Monday anyhow)… so that gives you the weekend, come grab a pack Friday or Saturday and have a play over the weekend.


Q – How does the Challenge work?
A- You buy the pack, which has all sorts of different items in it, then make a layout using at least half of the supplies, bring it back to the store by the end of the month and you have completed the challenge.

Q- Half the supplies? you mean if I don’t like some of it I don’t have to use it.
A- Correct, and you can also add anything at all to it.

Q – Does it have to be a “work of art?”
A – Absolutely not, it can be as simple or as ornate as you like. The aim is to get a layout done, therefore complete the challenge.

Q – How does one “win” the challenge?
A- They are put up on the wall and given a number. We ask customers to vote, using 2 votes for the one they like best, and one vote for the one they like next best. Most votes win.

Q – Is there a prize?
A- There is, it is the following month’s scrapbooking challenge kit.

Challenge Winner April

Our current Challenge winner is Fiona.
Wow, look what she did with the Challenge Pack. I just love all the little details.

Congratulations Fiona and congratulations also to everyone who completed their challenge!





Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Sandra D for her winning entry for the
February Challenge Kit.