Watercolouring stamped images

Don’t have watercolours yet? Here’s a quick “how-to”with using the paint wheel and Aquawash brush.

 There are 3 sizes available.Fine, Medium and Broad. I use mostly the fine and the medium, as I colour small stamped images mostly. Child #2 uses the Broad more often, she paints the bigger pictures. There’s one of hers she’s working on at the end of the slideshow.

Fill these brushes with water to the line, screw the brush section back on and you are good to go, for AGES. No more pots of water, no cleanup, no mess. Gotta love that.

I use these watercolours, 0they stack to store and  have a great colour range. Child #2 has had these in her pencil case all through primary school and coloured much of her work with them instead of using pencils. It’s quick, easy and looks fantastic.

Take a stamped image. I’m using a Hero Arts stamp here (my favourite)
Touch your brush to the colour, then away you go! I decided to show you 2 very different colours and how they can blend. I began with the red, once you have enough, then wipe your brush on a tissue, and it will be clean, ready for the next colour. Added yellow, and then went back and blended before they dried too much. If you make a mistake, or decide to change colous, add water and blot with a tissue. I make mistakes all the time! Watch the slideshow below to see how I did it.  There’s a play button on the bottom of the image.

Feel like more? Follow this link to another easy tutorial.

Of course all supplies used here are available at The Scrapbook House.   Not in Geraldton? No worries, we post free of charge. Call us or click here to order! I hope you enjoyed the tips today.

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