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12 hour working days… I guess the Christmas break is well and truly over.

… but someone mentioned the other night that there is a public holiday coming up. Wait, what? Already? Haven’t we just had a public holiday and a whole bunch of time off?

Certainly not complaining, I’ll take it.

Our break between term 4 and term 1 is so long, and I do love it, I truly do, but I really love it when term starts again, when the shop is bustling with people taking classes and back into the swing of crafting again. It means working an extra couple of  12 hours days a week for me, like today, but if you enjoy it then it’s not really like work, right?

This week’s page beautifully designed by Sharon was a fun and joyous Christmas layout using an interesting mix of colours and everyone enjoyed it very much. What looked so simple and easy, actually had loads of extra little things in it, that take just that make it just that little extra special. Our morning ladies did take a lot longer to complete, but then, they also had a whole lot of serious chatting catch-up to do since the last class. Tuesday night’s class was done and dusted in 2 hours even with  4 new scrappers in class, (mind you they were all so good at what they were doing, I don’t think they really count as ‘entry level’ students)

Scrapbook House Class kit Christmas Dec 25

Sharon had die cut the trees using her Silhouette machine, (saving everyone buckets of time) then we had everyone using the included template to cut the patterned papers to fit. The finished product, wrapped in blue twine, and tags and ornaments added, looks so good!

The second page Sharon created is also lovely, using the Pink Bazzill provided in the kit, and then a third and fourth pocket page using some of the leftovers. Sharon has also included the pocket page in the kit – bonus!
You can see these lovely pages and close ups too on the store page soon.

Scrapbook House Class Kit Christmas Dec 25

With a plethora of product to use and choose from, there will be enough in this kit to do a  whole album of Christmas! Just look what there was, from gemstones and die-cuts to cut-outs and tags plus a whole 12″x 12″ pad of patterned paper.

Thanks to our lovely students for a great week back to class

The kit will be available online to purchase soon, check here to buy.

Have a great day



Scrapbooking Time

This Saturday night the shop and workroom will be open for late night scrapbooking, bring your own project and stay as long as you like. There’s a $5 fee, and a seat and table space will be all yours!

We also have a Scrapbook Page class on tonight, where we will be creating this lovely page designed by Sharon. We have plenty of places and kits if you would like to join us from 6:30, please ring to book. Kits are available as takeaway if you can’t make it in store.

Scrapbook Page Cherish, Forever and Ever

Have a great day


Design Team – Baby album

Last night I came home on such a high after being with 6 talented and lovely ladies. We had a Saturday night designers night and all those who create for The Scrapbook House currently came together. We began with dinner (thanks to China Moon – yum) and then we began working out what we would do to make my idea come to life.

What then happened makes me so proud to be amongst them and honoured to be friends with these creative ladies.

Celeste Glover – Vivienne Crudeli – Sharon Drown

Shelley Epps – Michelle Hearnden – Pamela Haggas


I rambled on about what I had in mind, a baby album that could be completed in as little time as possible, using the best products we could get, and looking as fabulous as one would expect from our designers. (they let me ramble too, I’m always scared I’ll forget something so its easier to just not take a breath)

Oh… and I wanted 20 pages or more.

Having spent a long time to think about this, and had clear idea of what would be best for our customers, and who this album would suit. I excitedly waffled on about the details and they all just looked at me for a long time.

Yes, I wanted 20 pages….

or more…

This has been in my mind for years and years. (I’m not going to tell you how long, because that just shows you how I overthink things, procrastinate and don’t follow through with my ideas… and that’d make me look bad –  hehe)

So, I didn’t know how to do it, I just knew that I needed help. The Wedding Album Class I ran a few years back literally took me months to complete and kits. Months.

I had 6 designers , all with varying strengths, talents and styles, who I wanted to work together.  Could they do it? I was sure they could, I was sure they would create exactly what I had in mind. The next hour or so would tell just how well it would work.


What you wouldn’t expect was that we would all work together on all the pages at once.  So there was 7 of us, all at once, all pitching in, cutting, sticking, helping on all the pages. All in one go. I’ve never seen this before and what a wonderful experience it was to see everyone working together and for this beautiful album come together so perfectly. Each offering ideas and helping on one another, and supporting each other even when the inks and gesso, stamps and die cut machines were put out of reach. It was hard – challenge accepted and completed!

All 24 pages. Twenty four! These ladies are amazing!

We have a complete album, ready for display and it’s exactly what I dreamed of. This is going to be the most epic baby album class ever seen. One kit, for the whole album, easy for anyone to complete, with the option of doing it in class, or take-away kits.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

TaniaThanks to Celeste, Shelley, Sharon, Michelle, Viv and Sharon for a great night!


Retreat Scrapbook Challenge Pack

As well as having a great time dressing up we do actually spend most of our time scrapbooking and paper crafting at our Scrapbook Retreats. So, I thought I’d share some of the pages that were completed over the retreat weekend.

Here are some of the “Challenge Pack” layouts from over the weekend.

Let’s see what they can come up with these little treats in the challenge pack – VERY challenging. 🙂

To be used in any way we like (We’re not too strict, challenges are just for fun, not sheep stations) I made this little printout using elements from The Graphics Fairy

Product Challenge

Challenge Pack

Mel in Wonderland Botanical Gardens You're my Cup of Tea Hello Happy Days Boy Medal Winner hello friend My girl Fun Together


I can’t remember who won and I was sure there were more… but they all did a terrific job don’t you think?

Have a great day!


Class Kit Prima Divine

Nat’s most recent class kit was jammed with gorgeous products, all chosen by Nat herself from the superb range Prima releases.
Her class is lovely, using bits if everything and there is so much left over, that there are bonus layouts using more of the products all with Nat’s beautiful style.


Gee there are a lot of products in this kit – two classes in one!

We have these class kits for sale, each has instructions for the class page as well as photographs of the additional pages and cards completed.  Kits $39.95

Note – because not everyone has the crackle template and texture paste for the first step, I have used my template and done this step for you – I know I got the fun of it, but really didn’t want anyone to miss out on the overall look of this layout, the texture is lovely!

Have a great day!


Far and Away

Tonight’s class was small, just the four of us, so relaxing and easy that I decided to complete the page along side with the girls. We used Teresa Collins “Far & Away”, I love the banners the most!
Of course because I decided to do this last minute I didn’t have the correct size photos, so I needed to leave the black & white Washi tape and the “sign post” off in order to fit the photos on. So, my layout isn’t as striking as Michelle’s, but at least it’s done. Gotta be happy with that. Our classes are all adaptable to your own style or taste, and to accommodate your photos. There are kits left from this class, call us for yours on 08-99648288

An easy night with some fun chatter and some laughs – and a bonus was that I ended up with a few of my “phone” photos of my nephews scrapped! This was our amazing and fun whirlwind weekend away to do the class with Finnabair at Scrapbook Secrets in Perth, which turned into a bit of brotherly love as my two brothers were both in the city too. Loved this weekend – good things.
Night – sleep well xx


A baby’s first year – Graphic 45 calendar

What’s a Nana to do these days whilst waiting the arrival of her first grandchild? Knit booties? Crochet a rug? Buy every cute baby thing on the market? (actually that is a good idea)
Janine decided to use her scrapbooking skills and make a “baby’s first year” calendar. Using Graphic 45 papers no less!

Janine created 12 pages, one for each month following a layout design that allowed for a photo to be added, and a little journaling, or the circling of a date on the calendar. So much gorgeous work, I know how she toiled to have this just perfect. She also made a front cover and last page to add to it, and adhered each page to the Graphic 45 Stand up Album – perfect for a calendar with its 12 pages. And its so very thoughtful, one the year is done, each page can be removed and placed in an album to keep. I bet Kate will love it.
Here’s a couple more pages…






20130528-235144.jpgWishing you good things, wherever you are.


Kira’s Farewell Dinner

Here is my version of last week’s class kit, a Finnabair style inspired layout by Basilia. It was great to be able to create a double page with the leftovers as there were few photos to fit on – thanks to Viv for the photos!

I loved all the little rips and tears and tucking little surprises inside. We cut up the metal trinkets and flowers, very easy to do with a pair of scissors which surprised me. The ladies who did this page in class all enjoyed it and ended up being very happy with the result. We have these kits for sale, includes all products and instructions, email me if you’d like me to hold you one!

20130522-215441.jpgThis range by Finnabair was created with Prima, so of course along with the metal mechanicals there are flowers!


20130522-215731.jpgThanks for looking – have a great day!


What’s Up

May’s layout for Page of the Month features four photos, tons of room for a title and journaling, and is ruler-straight with special area for shapes, texture and dimension for a page that really POPS. What’s Up works great with both colour and black and white photos and features the fuzzy felt shape stickers and brand-new flags.
May’s theme is “What my Parents Taught Me”and is a chance to scrapbook cherished advice from a loved one. The Parisian-inspired colours and designs of What’s Up work perfectly for all types of topics for advice. Photos can feature scans of family photos or evidence of advice followed.

 Journaling prompt:
1. What is one of your favourite pieces of advice about? Food? MOney? Work ethic? Cleaning tips? Driving? Fashion or style?
2. Did your parent(s) teach you by telling you or by showing you what they meant?
3. How has this advice impacted your life?
4. Is this a lesson you will pass down?

I think we will enjoy tonight’s Page Of The Month scrapbooking.

Feel free to comment with your own answers to these prompts! We’d love to hear it!

Take a Seat or Take a Kit

We have leftover kits available for Term 2, so if you’d like a place in our class, now is the time to say so. If you can’t come to class that’s ok, each kit has full instruction and a photograph, plus photographs of more layouts to make with your leftover once the class is done. There are Five classes in the term and the term costs $150. Each class is a different style by a different designer to give a well-rounded scrapbooking experience over the next ten week.

Class One comes with one Black Distress Ink to get you started.

The background is embossed with white and the Crafter Template – Bingo, which we will do in class, but those who purchase as a remote student will have this part of the class pre-done in case you don’t have all the tools needed for this step.


Here is a pic of our first class. Our kits are fun and full and our designers have created extra pages using your leftovers. These photos are included in your instructions each fortnight. You just need to add your background card to suit your photos, in this case it’s a couple of smokey colored Bazzils and another white.

Call us today and sign up! 08 99648288

People I meet

You know, I get to meet some of the most amazing woman in our community, they come and go though the store, sometimes giving us a glimpse of how marvelous they are, other times we know that they don’t even know themselves how amazing they really are. I just love meeting the people I do.
Some are artistic, some are compassionate, some funny, some creative, some a great with colour, some are learning, some need a shoulder, and a couple I know need new shoulders!
I meet great Mums, and excited Grannies, I meet people who love their families. I meet other like-minded scrapbook store owners and I meet people online. I have made friends with people all around the world, from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada to the Netherlands.

I love my job, and the people who surround me… Thank you. You make such a difference in my life.

Here is a layout from one of the amazing women who has come into my life through The Scrapbook House, her name is Julie and I think she is terrific!
The Konnichiwa layout from the Basic Grey POTM didn’t suit her, so she made her own… and as I watched in wonder as this creation come alive I asked if she would mind if I posted it here for you to see.


Just look how many photos she managed to get into this


I just love how much FUN she has with this.


Thanks Jules for sharing!

Page of the Month – April

The basic grey page of the month is using the Plumeria range of papers and embellishments. It’s a lovely floral with touches of purple.
I don’t seem to use purple often, but I immediately liked it, and I loved the buttons and borders in the pack too. Last Monday night for our Open Scrap Night, I set to work on this layout, and again came home with a layout almost complete, again without photos, title or journaling. I promised myself not to go on until it was finished and I found that no photos would suit.


The colour purple just was wrong. Do you recognise these photos? They are from our Red Dress shoot. Red most definitely does not go with purple… Unless you are in the Red Hat Society… then of course it goes! So I opened a few photos in photoshop and switched to black and white, thinking this was the fix-it-all solution. Usually works, but I felt it was lacking just a little, so back to photoshop I went with the original. Being dedicated to the cause of getting this layout done I kept at it, and ended up deciding to alter the colours ( for those who want to know, I reduced the saturation, then i picked out the ‘red’ hue only and altered it to purple.
Not only did it work for this layout, but i still have a bunch of ‘red dress’ photos that I can use on another layout and one might not even notice it was from the same shoot.


Funny faces – dontcha love them? I tell my kids off for this sort of behavior! The journaling was printed on the back of some leftover, it took me a couple of tries, but there was plenty of paper to play with… Give it a go.


The leftovers were destined to be the kind that got put in the stash never to be play with again, so I thought I may as well do something with them also… and it wasn’t midnight yet. 🙂


Then with the last few ( and because by the time I got to this it was well after midnight, I put this simple card together. The flowers are cut from the back of the borders packaging.


Thanks for looking. Have wonderful day! I’m working in my garden today, it’s beautiful gardening weather here.

Tania xxx

Happier and happier

Do you find sometimes that you have a great idea for a layout but have trouble finding the photos to suit?
Or perhaps you’ve done a fabulous class (at let’s say a fabulous store), and you can’t choose which persons photo to put on such a special layout?
Or, you’ve signed up to do Page of the Month, and have now have a stack of photo-bare layouts? Or worse still, a bunch of kits waiting to be done?

Ok… Maybe it’s just me.

But I am sure I am not alone. I am sure this happens to many of us and you know what? Its okay! Yes, it is okay.
One day, one fabulous day, you will get out that layout and have the perfect photo for it, or one day you will find yourself with 2 hours to spare one night and get out that kit, and put it together.

You might even get out a finished but photo-bare layout and decide to spend half a night looking for 4 photos of you and your hubby to suit. Then realize that over the years you take hundreds thousands of photos but there are only a few of you together, and even less of your family all together. ( side note to my family- when we are at family events, please take my camera and get. A shot of all of us together, thank you)

I did this… But then you knew this list was going somewhere right? well, at least you were hoping. This double page layout from last years Basic Grey (Little Black Dress range) was complete, all but the photos. It sat and sat, then one night I decided to spend some time looking and I found 4 photos of the King and I together but none of them matched…. Solution? Make them all black and white. Problem solved. Layout complete. Happy Mamma.


Leftovers? I have tonnes of them, and I never seem to use them, but can’t throw them away, so I took them along to my friend Sharon’s house and made a few cards. So these are just using our A5 card stock in white, with all Basic Grey leftover, and I did borrow Sharon’s Martha Stewart punches. Also had to add a couple of Crochet by Kim flowers too… Love these!




So remember, one day you will find the perfect photos for that layout, but for now… Just enjoy the creative process and the rest will follow.
Have a wonderful day. xx

Just hangin out

The last class of last term had the kids using Texture Paste and Glimmerglaze. They were so awesome getting the right texture with toothpicks and adding the glaze to the monkeys and vines. They get to learn some terrific techniques and always go home with a work of art at each lesson. No wonder they keep coming back!


I wonder what Em has planned for next term?


Our Basic Grey Page of the Month for March was using the Konnichiwa papers, and there was a fair bit left after Liz, Jo, Skye and I did our pages together. Liz the smarty pants went home to use the rest and not to be outdone (but of course she already has) I decided that I would use old things to make a page and incorporate something from this kit too. It was hard!
I really like new things!
So, I had a go, and this sat on my desk for so long… And gathered a whole lot of plastering dust along the way. I got back to it this Easter and this is what I came up with.


It has some paper on it that is years old and I was pretty happy to dig out that Mothers Day quote from my stash. See! Knew I would use it one day!
Scrunched up some old flowers too, my favorite thing to do with these since I saw Jenny do this at retreat last year and tucked a few of those Basic grey flowers in to tie in with the papers. Certainly not my favourite layout, but happy to use old things and get another photo scrapped to put in the album.


I loved this day, Mothers Day, at the end of the day, Mum and I, with the 3 youngest kidlets, headed to the beach for some photos. It got dark to quick and we missed the sunset, but the kids were happy to run about and get a little wet, playing in the sand and the surf. A lovely memory.

Red dress moment

Wow I had fun with my prima stash last night, as I scrapped for the PMS challenge of using the words “bucket list” as inspiration.
So I figured the Red Dress Moment is something that can be crossed off my bucket list now. You can read more about the Red Dress here, and even join in here if you wish for your own Red Dress Moment.



The story of the Traveling Red Dress by Jenny, also known as the Bloggess.


Paper, flowers, wooden ticket, lace & gems, clock and journal cards, are all Prima. There are a couple of little flowers by Vivaldi. Also a few crochet flowers and that fabulous beaded pin from Crochet by Kim.

Thanks for looking!

One life, with each other

Sisters. Brothers. We are not the same. We get to carry each other.

I finished scrapbooking a layout of the first U2 concert I ever attended. It was an amazing experience, we were right up the front… like 4 rows back, and to see the expression on my brothers’ face throughout this event, was almost better than the event itself! Priceless, how happy he was, and I am so glad to have been there to share it with him.


This is what scrapbooking is about, recording those wonderful moments, and bringing your albums to life with family stories ( and of course getting to use awesome scrapbooking products) this is the the newest of the Bo Bunny papers, this range is called Weekend Market, and it is luverly! Many of the stickers ad pages lend themselves to masculine, vintage travel, but there are lots of quotes suitable for Fathers, Dads and Grandpas too.


Live life beautifully. Cherish today, dream tomorrow and live today.

New things, pretty things

Nothing like new things to inspire you and the new ranges have been inspiring Natalie aplenty!

Here is a page she worked on today using the new Sunkiss Range. I love the layers, even the bottom layer has texture past that has been embossed and glimmered. Nat has used the new papers, journal cards (cleverly used as frames for her gorgeous photos), alphabet stickers, as well as the famous Prima flowers.

The Prima “SONGBIRD” collection of papers is soft and pretty. Here she has used delicious Prima flowers, Twiddlychip, tea-dyed muslin and Prima embellishments, that little bird on a branch is cut from one of the papers. I can also see a few Collections butterflies hidden in there too. Always fun looking at Natalies’ work, the more you look, the more you see.


It’s not all fun and games and dressing up you know! We actually do get some scrapping done.

Here are some layouts my friends and I completed over our weekend away. Enjoy!

by Alison. Play – Al loves Kraft!


by Alison – A Wild Ride.

by Alison – Wild Boy

by Nat – Friends

By Basilia – The Travelling Red Dress

Basic Grey POTM February kit, Tania – Horseriding

by Tania – My Crafty Boy

Basic Grey POTM kit 2011, Tania – Michael Buble

Nats class kit, Tania – A little fruity

by Basilia – Little Man

Nat’s class kit, Michele – Mates

by Michele (apologies for losing your ‘f’) Father and Son

By Nat – Happy Feet

by Alison – The Groundsman

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Basila – Dream Big

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Nat – Your Beauty Radiates

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Tania – The Little Things

Copy of a Geraldine Pasinati layout, by Michele – My Precious Girl

Scrapping good time

Lucky me – getting to spend the weekend scrapping and chatting with some of my favourite buddies! Why is it that time flies when you are having fun and all too soon it’s pack-up-time?

Something magical happened on the weekend too – but I will have to wait to tell you, (because I am working and not supposed to be lolling about on the computer).

But I wanted to share with you one of the pages I scrapped on the weekend of my boy. No flowers, but  got to use pearls 🙂

This is inspired by the lovely work of Gabrielle Pollacco. Loved getting my inks out on the chipboard and for stamping, I used chalk inks, distress inks and stains. These are Authentique papers, some altered as well as a few scrap thrown in using left-overs. (pastel blue and caramel as well as the lettering) Love left-overs! Hero art pearls and stamps (shells and script) and Scrap FX chipboard – the best bit and Prima swirly pearls too.
















I didn’t get a whole lot of pages completed over the weekend, enough to come home satisfied that I have finished projects to put in my albums and plenty of inspiration to create more.

Have a great day!