Child Labour

My Sister In Law posted this a little while ago… where I see my nephew (who is greatly desiring DS games) working for a buck. She titled her post “elves at work” and I had a little giggle. Elves… yeah right! That’s child labour, there are laws against that. Poor little Joe, come stay with your Aunty Tania, we’ll treat you right. No more counting catalogues for you.

No… we’ll have you doing real work. Haha. Nothing like a spot of manual labour.  My babies have been sweeping and mopping floors and washing windows for me. Happily. Helpful little souls they are. Here’s Child #4 after school yesterday.

He’s thinking… “Yes just a couple more dollars and I’ll have enough to buy that new Spore Galactic Adventures Game”.

I’m thinking… “I am so glad you are behind the glass because I don’t want to hear any more about that stupid computer game you continually ramble on about from the moment you open your eyes till you go finally to bed at night”.

Pity he spends half his money on the fundraising chocolate in the workroom before he even gets out of the shop.

Seriously though, I am looking for a cleaner, just a couple of hours a week, if you know anyone that might like this boring, un-fulfilling brain-numbing job, then email me at or pop into the shop to see me.


4 responses to “Child Labour

  1. We do hire him out at a very reasonable rate, although we find he’s a bit short for windows….

  2. Tonight, we will pay you!!!

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