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Awards Night 2017

A couple of nights ago I was blessed to be sitting with a table of much loved people at the Midwest Business Excellence Awards. People who believe in my little shop, and in me. People who inspire me and share the love of our papercrafting industry.

 My little business was nominated in 2 categories; Business Excellence and Customer Service by a Business. I was thrilled to be nominated – and would like to say to the person/s that nominated me… I want you to know how positive this experience has been for me… and it began with you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So after the nomination, came the opportunity to put forward a submission. This is a massive undertaking for anyone to undertake, not only to write out so many words (and try to be eloquent even with my grammatical errors) but you need to ring your own bell. That’s not fun for anyone. Next you need to take a good hard look at yourself, (again not fun); what you are doing right, but also what you are needing to improve. Then, whilst you are still wincing over the areas where you suck you aren’t super special, you have to come up with strategies and outcomes to report on. Whoa… it’s like business stuff. I like colours and matching papers, and helping people get the most out of their crafting experience, not figures and certainly not percentages.

This is what I did one year ago. It took me weeks, but having a good base to begin with made the process this year a little easier, although it was glaringly obvious that I needed improve those figures or we wouldn’t be here in the coming year. So, we did. We had much of the year to work on it, and implemented new ideas and improvement. We had goals this year. Goals that we met. Goals that we exceeded. Far out… am I actually becoming some kind of legitimate business woman after all these years of faking it?

I was proud of my submission. I wrote it myself, not even asking anyone to proofread it, because I wanted to know if it was accepted, that it would be on my own merit.

Then I was invited for an interview.

I wasn’t even too scared of the interviewer who probably deals with more money than I have ever seen in my life. Last year I had to keep my jacket on because I was so nervous I began sweating like a crazy woman, and no matter how warm one gets, no-one needs to see that! This year I rocked up confidently in heels and a sexy little car. Who is this woman?

Then, The Scrapbook House became a finalist. My beautiful staff, design team and Mum  got to dress up and attend the evening of excellence. Wow there is certainly some excellence in Geraldton. We have great businesses and brilliant customer service.

We ate, drank and were merry. We took some photos and then we danced till the band could play no more. What a wonderful night.

Whoever nominated me, you have inspired me to work on my business, and in doing so realise how good my little shop is and I am so proud. Thank you. If you still believe in me next year, please nominate me again.

We didn’t win the award, but I certainly feel like I did.


A new home online for our class kits and more


Class kits are our unique point of difference, we have fabulous classes and many a student has enjoyed them and the different directions they take us in, stretching our skills as we learn new products and alternate ways to use old products. We have kitted up over 6000 scrapbook class kits since our extension classes began, not to mention our easy class kits, and our card making class kits. That’s a whole bunch of kits. All these years later and we are still kitting new ones and our design team dreams up new classes every fortnight.

Previously these classes were so exclusive that you had to ‘be in the know’ to receive them, book in advance for your remote term, attend class, have them saved or sent to you. This still applies.


I am so proud to share with you our latest news for The Scrapbook House. Many hours of  work and planning have finally resulted in a new webstore, where we can sell our beautiful class kits and other products. So you can now go online, check out the page, products, the requirements and even see the second page suggestions online. These can be purchased individually, but you can add as many as you like to your order, you’ll only pay one postage fee.

Catch… the new classes for each term are still run in store, and anyone who has signed up for the full term will be guaranteed the kits. Not all kits will make it to the webstore. Then once the term is done, those kits will go up on the store for sale, after the class is run.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the webstore now and check out the scrapbook class kits – posted anywhere in Australia!



Have a great day!

Kind regards





Business Awards Night

Andrew and I had such a good time at the Business Excellence Awards this year. Thank you to David Boyes from Business Local – RSM Australia for his encouragement and support through this process, I’ve never felt more proud of my little business. It’s time I let the people of ‪#‎Geraldton‬ know a little about the paper craft industry here in the midwest. We’re not just selling pretty paper (although it IS very pretty)

Being invited to sponsor a table by Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry- MWCCI was an exciting opportunity to showcase some of the beautiful creations handmade by the people and products of The Scrapbook House

Preferring to showcase what we actually do rather than advertising our “logo” colours with business cards and bags, I think was well received, the table could see the albums and artwork and really get a good feel for what we can create. Thank you to the talented Celeste for the loan of some of her beautiful work to add to our display and Sharon for her ideas, the lighting and tulle was perfect. How fabulous it was to overhear people talking about our table on the night, I was thrilled that it was so well received.

I hope the recipients on our sponsor table enjoyed their gifts, and would go on to gift them to their friends and family, after all, that’s whats most important to us all… friends and family.

I am so grateful for the help of my friends Janine, Rita and Sharon to complete these all on time, it put me in a spin when it was apparent that we needed to whip up 2 more sets…. they take about 4 hours each to complete, but my friends are right there by my side to make it happen.

Each setting had a gift bag to put their goodies in and take home. I was inspired by Jim’s lunch pail by Graphic 45 and created our own to fit the handmade cards, gift card holders, pens and vouchers. We hand stamped, cut, inked, shaped and glittered over 250 Heartfelt Creations flowers to put these 12 kits together.

Thank you to Cathy and her team from LETS PARTY for the Black napkins and beautiful black linen, they looked so smart.

Congratulations to all the winners on the night, it was an honour to be amongst fine calibre of excellence and you all deserve to be awarded.

Thank you to the Chamber I will be coming to see you soon Jess! You and your team did an amazing job.

Thank you. ~ Tania


Colouring Craze

See the special offer at the end of this post…
 Were you one of the many that got yourself an adults colouring book when the craze hit? Perhaps you’re like me and started doing a couple of pages, then left it and went onto other things when you realised just how loooonnnggg it takes to complete an adults page? Maybe you need motivation? Maybe you need the blender pen! (Come see me about that one)

There’s a great colouring network group on Facebook for the Midwest, go check them out, they post regular challenges and share work. I hardly post there, but I regularly stalk the page.

Because this page existed and kept showing up in my newsfeed, I was reminded of that book and pencils I just HAD to have… and to get it out.  I actually love colouring in,  some of my pages done whilst in hospital will be at the end of this post, coloured with Prima Pencils and a Blender Pen. It might just be the inspiration you needed, like it was for me. Either way, it’s a great page for Midwest Colourists and you might make a new friend or two.

Anyhow, go join up, click “like” here and there and maybe you’ll be inspired too. You’ll find them here at Geraldton and Midwest Colouring

Oh and we have HALF PRICE colouring on any books in store right now. HALF PRICE!!


That’s right – HALF PRICE colouring on any books in store right now.
~~~~~HALF PRICE!!~~~~~


A surprise every month

Distress Inks are clearly our favourites, they are so versatile and you’ll see us using them in most classes, and many of us have most colours…  so we don’t need more… but oh my oh my,  check this video out at CHA 2015 we have the man himself, Tim Holtz, telling us about the new Distress program and showing off the newest color of 2015, cracked pistachio.

Cracked Pistachio – I NEED it. xxx

You know you want it too… and we have it instore 🙂


Winning Washi

If you came by last week, you might have noticed a little competition on this blog here. To be in it all you had to do was leave a comment on the Washi post to go in the running to win a couple if rolls. With only 7 entries the odds were pretty good… We had some great links posted there for Washi uses and ideas, so go check it out and find something new! (Links are in the comment section)

20130618-234519.jpgThe winner was chosen via “Random number Generator” and person number 6 on my list was Eva!


20130619-000219.jpgSo this little parcel of goodies is now in its new owners stash!




Share the Washi Love

Over 400 rolls of Washi tape rolled into our store today, it had Sharon and I in a dilemma… How much can we smuggle home? Keep reading if you’d like a get a couple of free rolls for yourself.

So… What’s your favourite use for Washi? I was thinking it would be nice for gift wrapping (picturing Kraft wrap, bakers twine and matching Washi)

20130605-140804.jpgIf you have an idea… Leave me a note or a link in the comments in the next week and next Wednesday night I will (randomly) choose someone to get some Washi sent to them! (Australia only please) or, if you’d like to buy some, get on in to our store quick!
Looking forward to your comments and ideas.

Have fun!


Winner winner chicken dinner

We had a little raffle running in store last month, and those who spent over $50 had their name put on a ticket and went into the draw.
Being the forgetful busy person I am, sometimes I failed to tell our customers about our free raffle. (It was on the counter under my nose). I don’t know, some would say I chat a bit and am easily distracted (pfft, me? I know, hard to believe) Anyway… so if we remembered after they left we put their name in the draw too. There ended up being quite a few like this and soon we had a full box of tickets to choose from and two lucky people would be happy scrappers. 20130604-235229.jpg

Congratulations to Shelley, who was the first name drawn from the box, she won a $40 gift voucher and also to Karen, who won a $25 gift voucher.
I didn’t think it would be hard for these two ladies to spend their prizes, and both were delighted when Sharon rang them with the good news. Karen was one of the lucky ones who didn’t even know about the draw. How nice to make someone’s day like that!

20130604-235136.jpgAny guesses what Shelley and Karen spent their vouchers on?
Hint: – Shelley likes art journaling and Karen loves making cards…

A baby for Kate

Do you remember Kate? She was that fresh-faced girl who we were lucky enough to have working and teaching in our store years ago. Here’s a layout I did of her as a “New Kid on the Block”

20130524-234852.jpgWell, she is still gorgeous with that fresh-face but no longer a girl- today she became a Mum!
Congratulations to Kate and Matt on the birth of their baby boy Mason, in the early hours of this morning. And a big congratulations to Janine and Kym – now a Nana and Pop! How so very exciting for your family xxx
It doesn’t seem all that long ago I was holding my own newborn son in my arms – it was one of the most incredible days in my life. That amazing feeling, it stays with you.


A Sterling Day at Stirlings Shopping Centre

Today was the first day of our Free “Make and Take” sessions at our local shopping centre. Boys and girls came by our tables to get a little crafty and make some paper flowers, rosettes and embossed butterflies.
I saw quite a few Mums wearing gorgeous badges and flowers too as many kids wanted to make more.
We used the Cuttlebug machines and some dies to cut out the shapes needed and then emboss them too.
It was a fun day, I loved being out in town, I don’t seem to get there all that often as my “house-husband” does our shopping, and saw so many lovely familiar faces.
Emily will be in the shopping centre all this week making different things each day. Tomorrow is “mini gift bags” and I am sure they will be popular too!


10 year milestone

Our little store just celebrated 10 years in business last November and I am so proud.10 years at any job is a celebration, but 10 years in a small business is a real success. I have struggled, as any business does, it isn’t all hearts and flowers, but on a whole it has been an amazing adventure.
For me it is more of a lifestyle; it’s more important to be happy than to be wealthy.
So what does one do on a birthday celebration such as this? Well, they invite their customers and staff to help them celebrate… and they came! We wrapped up presents to give away as prizes and had birthday party games! First was a treasure hunt in the store and we had ladies rummaging through everything to find the elusive key-rings to win a prize. There were 22 hidden and some of them were HARD to find! I pity Sharon’s kids when they are looking for things she has hidden at home, they’ll have no chance! Pass the parcel (great idea Kira), was fun with a prize in every layer. The last one held a small item, but one that is valuable in our store… a Scrapbook House reward card… full with stamps. Nice!
Our sales were fabulous, 50% off all stickers and rub-ones, this included all old and new. There was a 25% off voucher that went out by email (you can sign up for our email on the Facebook page, click on the “exclusive” icon next to the “photos”) so everything was on sale. Some things were 70% off. Many things just went out as gifts or prizes, over $1000 worth of products was given away as it was just time to clear that old stock!
But the very best thing was the people that came to wish us congratulations. It is the people that make it worthwhile, it is the people that make my life good, and it is the people that make the Scrapbook House the lovely community it is. Staff, family, friends and clients, thank you for your support, thank you for believing in my little dream to sell pieces of paper to put photos on.

Thank you for sharing your stories and a bit of your lives with me and thank you for being a part of mine.


12 Days of Christmas

The Scrapbook House 12 Days of Christmas starts Tuesday 11th December. Check daily for our ONE DAY instore only specials.12 Days of Christmas, starts Tuesday 11th Dec 2012
Check daily for our ONE DAY instore only specials.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea


What a fun way to raise money for cancer research, prevention and support services for cancer patients and their families.
Come along, bring some money to donate, share a cuppa and I will bring cupcakes!

Our Biggest Morning Tea will be held on Saturday 26th June May 10:30 – 11:30 everyone is welcome. RSVP to reserve a seat or swing by for standing room and a chat (and enjoy specials, giveaways and raffles on the day too)

If anyone has anything they would like to donate to use as raffle/auction/prize item, or something else for the day, it will be gratefully accepted.

Enter now to Win an Eco tour of The Northern Territory.


Prize includes

5 days mysterious North Tour visiting
Nitmiluk National Park, Kakidu National Park
Mary River and Litchfield National Park
As provided by Inspiring Journeys
2 return economy class tickets from any state capital Darwin flying Qantas Airways
2 nights accommodation Darwin in a 4 star resort
Travel insurance

Go to the website to enter now.

Kira’s send off

Kiras last day at work has been steadily approaching as she has a new baby due to arrive soon.  She is actually due this Saturday, so I thought she’d tire of work well before now. Wonder woman!

So, on Tuesday, her last day, we thought we’d make it a little fun for her and for the girls who scrap and have cake with a few baby games as a little send-off.


The prize for the delivery date is yet to be collected ( and I hope I win because I think I know what the prize is)  and the weight, seems everyone is wishing for a nice size for her. Whatever will be, will be, and it will be wonderful.

Kira’s belly size game was easy for me, I did have a little inside knowledge with uniform sizes though, but happily took the first prize of chocolate along with Sharon as we had guessed the same length. Chocolate is chocolate, worth winning, and there’s nothing wrong with an educated decision. (ok, so I cheated)

Bruce gave us a little chuckle from the Dad’s point of view with some questions fired at him to answer early over his morning coffee about how much he thinks a baby sleeps and eats and nappy needs. He’s a great Dad, and will have an Eagles jumper on this little one very soon I think.

We all enjoyed cake and lunch from Senses Cafe, as well as a few chockies. Kira’s cake was a white-chocolate mudcake, with blue cars for decoration – so cute. I think that is now my very favourite cake in the whole world, divine! 

I made cupcakes and whilst at Let’s Party picking up blue table-cloth I found some cute cupcake pans and little flags – oh the flags were a hit! I want to put flags on everything now. Our kids were very interested in the cupcakes in the morning before school and wanted to eat them (of course).
I remarked that “I was up till midnight making these little babies!”
and Child #3 responds with “Mum, if you were up making babies last night…”
I held my breath and my eyes opened wider…..
he continued without stopping “then why didn’t you make baby cats… we’d like  kittens”.
Breathe out. 

There were no classes today, and a few of the girls come along to scrap anyway, finish of old projects and begin work on something new. It’s a lovely little community of scrappers, sharing laughs, stories and time together creating.

By the end of the day it was a little sad to realise that Kira wont be in to work with her smiling face and ability to do 3 things at once and get them all done quickly and efficiently. I will miss her and wish her all the best with her lovely family.  I can’t wait to meet the new little bubba!


A Day with Tim Holtz


Good golly Miss Molly I am a tad excited! I have been hanging out to tell of our news… The Scrapbook House has been invited to spend a day with Tim in Melbourne at a special retailer day. Oh my oh my, this is so good! I just about peed my pants I was so excited! That is 8 hours with Tim! Oh my oh my! Invite only!

And… I get to invite a friend – I bet ya’ll wanna be my friend now!

Actually, The friend needs to be working in my store – so I bet ya’ll wish ya as working in a scrap store right now!

So, seeing as Kira is going to be indisposed for a little while with her new bundle of joy it will be Sharon going with me. Lucky though, might have had mutiny on our hands if Kira was able to go.

Our invitation is due to the terrific range of Tim Holtz products we stock at The Scrapbook House and have had since it first was introduced. Of course, anyone who knows us, also knows that the Holtz lines are synonymous with our classes, and there has been many a class with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink on the requirement list. My absolute favourite, and it’s paid off! Woo hoo!

More news soon…. But this can only mean one thing for sure…. More Tim Holtz at The Scrapbook House.

Fifteen Hundred.

That is quite a number. 1500.
That’s the amount of times I have pressed the button “publish” to this blog.


WordPress sends me numbers.

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 57,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 21 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.

I actually like numbers. Shhh, don’t tell my Math teacher. In all reality you probably can’t because he will be in an old-people -home by now.

Now don’t assume that I would think any of my posts could even slightly compared to anything  of the mighty Sydney Opera House, even the front steps! It was WordPress that  sent me the figures. I guess they wanted to make me feel good.

In fact it is you, who makes me feel good. You make me feel that I am not alone. Whether you realise or not, it is you. You respond when I write about scrapbooking, post a new must- have product or put up a page someone has been working in, whether you come in to my little store,  book for a remote class kit to be sent to you, or repin a favourite picture to Pinterest, I notice. You are there listening to my trials and tribulations of being a mother of twins, a growing girl or a handicapped boy. You leave me notes of encouragement and advice, you come back again and again bumping the “hits” up to read updates… I see you. I notice you there. Whether it is a fleeting visit, or you come back often to see what we are up to, I notice your presence and I am grateful for it. You make me  aware that I have the most amazing family and friends, blog readers, staff and customers and ‘people who just pop in’,  who “care” enough to do so.

I am the owner of a scrapbook store and it’s not like I am going to take over the world or become wealthy, but I feel very proud to have the important job of sharing the creative joy of scrapbooking with you. Be it with inspiration or fancy products, it is all the same, it’s about sharing the story. You are entrusted with the important task of recording your story, you will tell it the best, and it will be there for future generations. Your art, your pages, your photographs. Your story.

So go forth and scrapbook! Oh… and leave me a note in the comments field and I will have something special for you.

 and here is a photo from my project – taken at Point Moore Beach – Geraldton20120118-000335.jpg


Have you ever renovated? It’s a mammoth task to co-ordinate in a store, but we are getting there. This is why you haven’t heard from me much here on the blogscene, but we are OPEN still for business, if you are in Geraldton, come by to say hello and see the works-in-progress.

It’s also very exciting… to see new things going in makes me feel so happy,  (I think that new things make most people happy)  but to have everyone on our team showing up and completing each task set on time is something to be grateful for. Most reno’s you hear about have drama here and there.. but not ours. Well, not much anyhow. Maybe I shouldn’t talk too soon. Quick.. go touch some wood.

Those following us on facebook would have seen the images of our work, it’s fun to see the progress. It’s even funner ( yes I am aware that is not a word) to be seeing it all happen in real life… day by day, night by night too. This is something I have been planning for years, buying for and looking forward to. I have always wanted this for the store and it’s about time. My Mum always said good things come to those who wait (and plan and research and save) and it’s my turn now.

I feel like my dreams are coming true.

I must admit that it took the ceiling storm damage to prompt me to bring the refit forward to this November… it was due in 2012, but there’s nothing like a little push in the right direction to get you motivated. Right?

Follow along on the facebook photo album to see it in progress day-to-day and read comments on each photo. click here

Have a great weekend!

My Minds Eye

It’s exciting, like waiting for Christmas, except we are waiting for new scrapbooking papers and products. The wait is killing me. So many new items will be on our shelves in the coming months…

Prima, Echo Park, Basic Grey, My Minds Eye and more.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what My Minds Eye has in store for us… this is my new favourite brand! You’re gonna love it too. Here are the new 6×6 pads.

Preordered last month – and they are due in early August – very excited to be getting some new stock in soon!

© 2004 QBaroo© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo 

© 2004 QBaroo

And the sales continue!

 Yes – Our sales also continue in store… with up to 70% off and more.. crazy prices on older stock to move it out. It’s got to go! There are 50c items on most racks and 50% – 70% off many items.
We have one large tote at 50% off and one satchel (will happily fit 12 x 12 albums and more) also at 50% off. See in store for more and I am adding to it everyday.

There is nothing wrong with these items, it’s just time to move them on. You see… I need to clear some room… I have been doing a little window shopping with the new products being brought out recently at CHA and there are SO many new products coming that I know the girls will have a hard time fitting them all in! 

There’s the new Graphic 45, and Prima… (I just about need a whole shop for Prima), then the Basic Grey, and not to forget our Webster’s Papers! These have always been our favourites and they never fail to delight. The new Bo-Bunny will have to fit in there somewhere too. Tattered angels have something for us too.

Graphic 45 ABC – just 2 of the collection. Gorgeous hey?


Prima – they have new everything, just love it all. Here are some new flowers stamps and papers.

oh and this one too… Sp05

Websters Botanical Christmas… there are so many new Christmas lines it’s difficult to choose.

Basic Grey has “Little Black Dress” which we will just HAVE to stock!  

 And loving the new colours by Tattered Angels in the Glimmer trade!
Hope you enjoyed your window shop! These will be available from your favourite real-life shop in the not too distant future!
Have a great day! xx

Morning Tea

I love hanging out with many kinds of people, and I must say that scrapbookers are very easy for me to hang out with… but when you get to be surrounded by scrapbookers who are generous and kind and giving… well THAT is an absolute pleasure.

Our biggest morning tea was held this Saturday and those who could make it came along. I brought extra chairs… just in case… and even with those it was standing room only. So wonderful. It makes me so proud to see the workroom filled with beautiful people, all sharing and having a laugh, enjoying the morning – all to raise money for Cancer Research.

Golly we hate cancer. Bad. Bad. Bad. I hope we did some good on Saturday to help those affected. There are so many affected.

We had a busy day, and with the help of Emily, Sharon and Kira we pulled it off! Both Kira and Sharon are also talented in the kitchen, bringing some home baking to share. Thankyou so much ladies – very enjoyable. Emily had a class on in the afternoon, so we had to be done by lunchtime… and the angels in pink shirts made coffees, teas and served, cleaned and tidied.

Our tables looked wonderful, and we pulled out the yellow table-cloth that Rachel had sourced for us last year. Sharon made the settings out of cardstock… how great does that look? The birthday boxes for balloons came out and I put treats inside each of the handmade boxes for our guests. Sharon used the new Tim Holtz Die to make these gorgeous flowers to top her boxes. She made napkin bows from card, punched card for placemats and cuttlebugged card to create boxes. Such a lovely touch.

We had raffles and some great prizes, for the photographer there was a huge frame, for the girls there was a rockinghorse, for the scrappers there was Prima, lots of Prima. Free raffle tickets were handed out every once in a while so everyone had a chance. Spot prizes were a hit, and everyone was so generous to purchase tickets to raise money.

We had a couple of little darlings who were so cute.. praying to win a prize and when they did… oh, it was like they’d won a million dollars… bless them! I hope you enjoy your milkshakes at Senses Cafe’ girls! Totally precious.

How much did they raise? I am so proud to announce they raised a total of $310.75 – how wonderful! In one hour!  Thanks to the generosity of the scrappers at The Scrapbook House – you make the world a better place. Thankyou. I am proud to call you my friends.