How to drill around corners

or not.


Why is that boys always break their toys? Even masonry drill bits! Don’t ask me, this is just the sad look I got when I wandered into the kitchen with my camera.


at least he’s still working on the pantry! The shelving is all in, handmade by the King himself. Now there is the  sanding, filling and painting to go. Then paint and hang the door, trim the shelving edges and CLEAN THE REST OF THE HOUSE ! ! !


5 responses to “How to drill around corners

  1. Don’t worry about the cleaning- just make sure this pantry is finished so we can all admire it!

  2. The DFBB suggests to use high quality masonry drill bits instead of the cheap welding rods.[ and maybe use the blowvac to clean the house.]
    Anyway it will all look good and make sure you stock the pantry up with plenty of good as we eat lots.

  3. Not too many people can successfully drill around corners. But then, there’s Andrew, and he can do almost anything.
    I admire him in all of the many endeavours he underatakes to create a better home. On Ya Andrew!! You will always be my favourite son-in-law 🙂

  4. Andrew HAS ACTUALLY Vac blowed the house before! I kid you not!

  5. Just this week Chris attempted to Gerni (sp?) the kitchen floor…..was a bit of a disaster……..think mops and a lotta water….

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