Christmas Mystery

Can you see what is wrong with this picture? Take a look.

Yes, it does look like a Christmas Tree. You’d be correct there. It was decorated by three children, beautifully. There are gifts wrapped and placed below, with love.

Let me give you a little hint…

It has a something to do with this little guy here.

He is not used to be left alone at home for any length of time and today when we went off to a Christmas Party he decided to have his own little party. It must have been a fabulously fun party.

He chose the very best gift he could find, the prettiest, the most glittery, the sweetest.

Then he chomped into it!

And how do we know the blame is to be laid on the little white doggy and not on of the other critters in this house? Well, it would seem a whole box of chocolates did not agree with our little pooch and he brought the evidence back up. How could we be mad at a sick little dawg?

I think I should have bought Nanna perfume this year instead of chocolate.


5 responses to “Christmas Mystery

  1. HA HA HA funny

  2. Georgia thought this was so cute and funny!!

  3. hahaha isnt he cute, that’ll teach ya to leave him all on his lonesome

  4. just glad it wasn’t my present…..:P

  5. This was sooooo funny, and the painted claws too – made my day!! I have a cat equally (if not more so) deviate ……. they would get along so well, that I am sure!! 🙂

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