She bakes

Boy does she ever. Introduced to the kitchen at a very young age, child #2 was always keen to bake, she loved to get everything out for me, measuring and pouring, cleaning up and licking the spoon.  It’s no secret that sweets are her what she likes best, and also one of my biggest downfalls, they are so yum.

I have a few favourite places on the internet I visit regularly and recently I introduced her to Bakerella’s blog. Delighted, she has spent much of her free time trawling around this site discovering all the wonderful treats she creates. The ooh and aahs I hear I know all too well, this woman could very well now be my daughters all time hero. I have lost count of how often she has called me in a panic to look at something Bakerella has made, “oh Mum, come quick! You just HAVE to see this.”

Today, Sunday was her free day, and she had planned to bake. Inspired by Bakerella’s  ‘happy meal’, burgers and fries, except they are all sweets, she wanted to make this for dessert for family dinner.

This year for school as she wanted to take music lessons she chose to opt out of cooking. This was a huge dilemma for her, and to overcome the sadness of missing out on 10 lessons of cooking at school, I promised to make up for them at home and we could pick whatever recipe she’d like, write the list for ingredients, shop for them and of course; make them. Somehow I think she got a pretty good deal as I think the school lessons wouldn’t be quite the same. So far she’s made a few things, and the chicken dishes have been a success. The proffiteroles were difficult, and dejected after a couple of tries, she ended up going for a prepackaged mix.

Spending so much of the day in the kitchen isn’t exactly my ideal Sunday, but for Miss 12, this was heaven.  Todays recipe called for cakes, cookies, brownies and frosting. Just cakes would have done me fine, but no, she had to see it through.

Here’s the final product and one very happy girl.

Cakes for the buns, brownies for the burgers, frosting for the fillings and sugar cookies for the fries. We have sugar cookie fries coming out of our ears she made so many. It looks like they will have sugar cookies fries every day at school all week!

8 responses to “She bakes

  1. Those look awesome! Very professional. Tell your daughter good job!


  2. wow! what a great treat for you all, go Emily.

  3. They look awesome…well done Em!!!

  4. That look fantastic Emma, and they tasted wicked too!

  5. OMG! They look amaaaaazing!

  6. She made pie pops tonight. Weird, but tasty!
    Jam pastries on a stick. Told you it was weird.

  7. When are you going to send her down in the holidays to give Aunty Louise a break from cooking?

  8. Cool! I read about your daughter’s Valentine card on Bakerella’s website and happened upon this post. Your daughter would make an excellent pastry chef!!

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