Hunting for Treasure

It begins with one note. A small piece of paper with a clue written on it.

This is enough to promote excitement in our house – the prospect of a treasure hunt. They knew there was chocolate coming, they just LOVE to hunt for it.

This is sort-of how it goes in our house today.

The first note brought them to this.

Each clue sent the children to the next clue. Sometimes there were surprises there, but always there was another clue. Some of them were easy, and others required a little thought. But it always sent them running. Off to find the next clue. This one read ” Comb your hair, wash your face…” they all automatically knew the next part would be “brush your teeth” and it sent them all running to the bathroom. Under the toothpaste the next clue was hidden.

There were clues found in dictionary, in the mailbox, in the shower and pegged on the clothesline. The dogs followed gleefully behind every step.

In the microwave, in the sock drawer,  in a movie case and tucked behind the doorbell. Each one was read and then they nutted out where the next one could be found.

I especially liked how they took turns to read them, giving each other a fair share of the fun, and how they counted out their booty to be sure it was shared.

Then run like lightning to get to the next clue…

This one was “under the lino” and it took them a while to figure out that lino was floorcovering, not linen. I didn’t give anything away as I watched them rummage through the linen cupboard. The only lino we had was an old piece in the cubby and they figured that out. Off they went!

This one was tricky too… they were heading for Dad’s car, but then Emily remembered the gift Daniel made for Dad… off flying again.

A mug with a painting of his Dad’s car on it. This resides high up on a shelf, and the next clue was tucked inside.

This one had them stumped for a bit… looking for boxes…

but it was the glovebox. Yes, I got a new car. My old Chrysler is dead in the driveway,won’t even start now,  talk about good timing. Another story, another time.

There were lots of clues… and they found them all. Here are a few.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow were these rabbits in the dryer, waiting patiently to be rescued.

Fun! It doesn’t matter how old you are… you gotta love a treasure hunt!

This afternoon Joshua was transferred home. We are all together again. It’s been five weeks since my family has been all together at home. It feels right and I am a happy Mamma again. (maybe it’s just all the chocolate)

I hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday. Did the Easter Bunny find his way to your house?


6 responses to “Hunting for Treasure

  1. It’s so great to hear that Josh is home and that Easter Bunny made his way to your house.
    You must have all been very good for him to come.


  2. the easter bunny hid eggs in our garden…..he does this every year….glad Josh is home and you guys are all together again…XOX

  3. Love the treasure hunt and looks like some of those clues got the kids thinking hard!! So glad you’re all back together again and things can start to get back to normal. xxx

  4. What a great treasure hunt! Looks like you put a lot of work into it, how did you keep them occupied while you set it up? (Something I never quite mastered). Great to hear Josh is home, what a wonderful Easter gift, hope you are all enjoying being together. Another big step closer to full recovery, xxx

  5. PS. nice car!! looking forward to going to Perth in it at the beginning of next month, always a fun trip. xxx

  6. Good news… and nice car! Glad all going well, Happy Easter xxxx

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