Variety Club Dinner

The Midwest branch of the Children’s Variety Club holds a special place in my heart, and there’s not much I can offer to help this amazing charity in way of time or money, but I was pretty happy to be asked to make some thankyou tags to thank the sponsors at their Dinner.

This is what I came up with last year…

2013 thank you tags

This year for their Midwest Getaway Bash, the theme is “Around the World in 80 hours” and I know they are going to have a blast. I’ll be following The Hippies – Car 9 and their antics on Facebook. Should prove to be entertaining!

They leave Friday morning, you can go down and check out the cars at the start line. They will be having breakfast at the Indian Sunset and leave from the vacant block next to Mitchell and Brown. First car out at 8am.
Follow them on Facebook

I hope they have fun!

Why should we remember?

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the first outbreak of the First World War.

Why should we remember?
“Why should we stop and think about those events that happened so long ago? By the end of the First World War there were very few people in the countries that took part who remained unaffected.
The war reached out and touched almost everyone’s life in some way or another”.

It’s our lives, our history, our story. We learn from the past and try our best to make things better for the descendants to come. War isn’t something I have had to live with or live through, my Grandparents did. The devastation, heartache, and magnitude of loss affects us. Remembering helps educate future generations to understand.

I thought today would be a fitting day to share Rita’s recent creation for a gentleman as a keepsake for his military history memoirs.

She has used the new military chipboard pieces and painted them up with various colours. They look great. I am sure the recipient will love this.







Design Team – Baby album

I came home last night on such a high after being with 6 talented and lovely ladies. We had a Saturday night designers night and all those who create for The Scrapbook House currently came together. We began with dinner (thanks to China Moon – yum) and then we began working out what we would do to make my idea come to life.

What then happened makes me so proud to be amongst them and honoured to be friends with these creative ladies.

Celeste Glover – Vivienne Crudeli – Sharon Drown

Shelley Epps – Michelle Hearnden – Pamela Haggas


I rambled on about what I had in mind, a baby album that could be completed in as little time as possible, using the best products we could get, and looking as fabulous as one would expect from our designers. (they let me ramble too, I’m always scared I’ll forget something so its easier to just not take a breath)

Oh… and I wanted 20 pages or more.

I have had a long time to think about this, and had clear idea of what would be best for our customers, and who this album would suit. I excitedly waffled on about the details and they all just looked at me for a long time.

Yes, I wanted 20 pages….

or more…

This has been in my mind for years and years. (I’m not going to tell you how long, because that just shows you how I overthink things, procrastinate and don’t follow through with my ideas… and that’d make me look bad –  hehe)

So, I didn’t know how to do it, I just knew that I needed help. The Wedding Album Class I ran a few years back literally took me months to complete and kits. Months.

I had 6 designers , all with varying strengths, talents and styles, who I wanted to work together.  Could they do it? I was sure they could, I was sure they would create exactly what I had in mind. The next hour or so would tell just how well it would work.


What you wouldn’t expect was that we would all work together on all the pages at once.  So there was 7 of us, all at once, all pitching in, cutting, sticking, helping on all the pages. All in one go. I’ve never seen this before and what a wonderful experience it was to see everyone working together and for this beautiful album come together so perfectly. Each offering ideas and helping on one another, and supporting each other even when the inks and gesso, stamps and die cut machines were put out of reach. It was hard – challenge accepted and completed!

All 24 pages. Twenty four! These ladies are amazing!

We have a complete album, ready for display and it’s exactly what I dreamed of. This is going to be the most epic baby album class ever seen. One kit, for the whole album, easy for anyone to complete, with the option of doing it in class, or take-away kits.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

TaniaThanks to Celeste, Shelley, Sharon, Michelle, Viv and Sharon for a great night!


Hoppy Birthday

We love it when our scrapbooking friends share what they have been working on, and recently there have been a few shares that I have been quick enough to photograph. Maree shared some cards with us to show you. This one is her Hoppy Birthday card, mostly hand cut, and a flower punch. (Imagine her delight when I showed her the cuttlebug machine and how quickly a rosette can be created now)

hoppy birthday 60

All those reeds, they’re handout and double layered for strength.  I know Maree must have put a lot of love into making this card for her friend. This card folds in 3 layers, pretty special.

hoppy birthday card frog

Thank you so much for sharing Maree, I am sure your card was received with pleasure.


Prima Doll Card Kits

Viv’s Prima Doll Cards are so sweet. We had fun in class making this cute trio and as our card making kit has instructions and the stamp too we can take it home and make more!

Prima Doll Cards

We coloured the hair and skin using a waterbrush and distress inks, aged Mahogany,Wild Honey and Spiced Marmalade for the hair tones, and Tea Dye  for the skin and edges of the patterned papers. Waterbrushing the dolls give that lovely blended soft look.

Have a sweet day!



Never Stop Dreaming

Love Life, Live it.

Quotes play a large part in art journaling, we find words that we have seen and use them in our books. Social media has quotes by the dozen everyday, but in years gone by I would save the quotes and poems I loved in files on the computer, and years before that they were written in little books. Now it’s a little prettier. More time consuming and definitely more fun!

Never Stop Dreaming

Lift up tags were part of Michelle’s Art Journal paint class and I loved them, I would like lift up tags on every page! How cute is that owl? Did you spy him?

Never Stop Dreaming The bottom of this page has a few “bricks” that were heavily embossed with gold powder (heat set) and stood up on their ends. These were wrapped with wire to give the impression of an old rickety fence.

Never Stop Dreaming

In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own



Dear Karma

I have a list of people you missed.

Not that Karma needs my help by any means, what goes around comes around eventually.


This page is done with a whole lot of embossing powder… (lots and lots) and it’s glossy and yummy even though its grungy and gross. It ‘feels’ nice, this page.  It has layers of gesso, colour inks and sprays, then the clear embossing powder was heat set over the top in a thick sheet.

Dear Karma I have a  list of people you missed

Stay true & be nice x



The answer to the secret is here

psst… wanna know the answer to the secret? Lift here.


This is a page in one of my art journals that I was just playing with Distress Inks. They splatter in the most awesome pattern. You have to just tip them dabber side down and splat quickly onto the page, and the ink sprays out in this cool drippy pattern. (let each one dry before layering though, otherwise they’ll blend, unless of course you want them to blend)

IMG_6945So, the secret?

The secret of having it all, is knowing you already do. 

Live a good life.



Pieces of Me

Puzzles sprayed with bright Dylusions colours are sure to delight any young scrapper and the girls in this weekend’s kids classes sure enjoyed this one.  Chosing just three of their favourite colours proves difficult as they are all so cool and watching them pool and blend was a treat.

The girls also made a Mothers Day pop up flower card, it was a tricky one but totally worth the effort.  They were so excited with their secret which were tucked away neatly in envelopes, hidden from view. One little one was so sweet though… when a Mum came into the room she puts her hand over the envelope and says in a sweet little voice ” This is not anything, this is nothing, this is not a Mothers Day card”

Reminded me of when Emily was little and sneaking things from the kitchen, walking sideways with hands behind her back saying “I haven’t got nuffin Mummy”… Not too good at sneaking, (but I’m sure she’s expert at it now).

Pieces of Me Puzzle page Puzzle Page Puzzle Page Puzzle Page puzzle Page Puzzle PageMore about Dylusions Ink Sprays

Dylusions Ink Spray

Dylusions Ink Spray dyes are a high quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated colorant for porous surfaces. The Dylusions Ink Sprays’ bright and vibrant palette will colorize paper, Sticky Back Canvas, wood, paper, clay and more. Use to create backgrounds on cards, scrapbook and journal pages, and in mixed media art projects.

Available in 24 splendid colors.

Pomegrante Seed Tangerine Dream Chopped Pesto Polished Jade Ground Coffee Slate Grey
DYC40453 DYC40477 DYC40439 DYC36777 DYC40446 DYC40460
Pomegranate Seed Tangerine Dream Chopped Pesto Polished Jade Ground Coffee Slate Grey
New! New! New! New! New! New!
Cherry Pie Dirty Martini Calypso Teal After Midnight Funky Fuchsia White Linen
DYC36746 DYC36753 DYC36739 DYC36784 DYC36760 DYC37873
Cherry Pie Dirty Martini Calypso Teal After Midnight Funky Fuchsia White Linen
Dylusions Ink Spray - Lemon Zest Dylusions Ink Spray - Black Marble Dylusions Ink Spray - Crushed Grape Dylusions Ink Spray - Fresh Lime Dylusions Ink Spray - Cut Grass Dylusions Ink Spray - Squeezed Orange
Lemon Zest
Black Marble
Crushed Grape
Fresh Lime
Cut Grass
Squeezed Orange
Dylusions Ink Spray - Melted Chocolate Dylusions Ink Spray - Postbox Red Dylusions Ink Spray - Bubblegum Pink Dylusions Ink Spray - London Blue Dylusions Ink Spray - Pure Sunshine Dylusions Ink Spray - Vibrant Turquoise
Melted Chocolate
Postbox Red
Bubblegum Pink
London Blue
Pure Sunshine
Vibrant Turquoise
  • Concentrated colorant for porous surfaces
  • 24 bright and vibrant super yummy colors
  • Acid free and non-toxic
  • Fine mist sprayer
  • Note – a little addictive – you might want more than 3 colours.

Have a  great weekend and Happy Mothers Day xxx



Busy little people

These little hands were very busy today making cards for their Mums… I loved how they carefully chose colours Mum would like and were thinking about them throughout the process.

Cardmaking with kids

Mothers Day cardsCardmaking with kids  Cardmaking with kids Cardmaking with kids Cardmaking with kids Cardmaking with kids Cardmaking with kids

In another life I might have been a kindy teacher, I just adore being amongst these gorgeous little people, they impact my day with such positiveness and leave me feeling so happy. Mind you I am only there for an hour or so… it’s pretty easy for me to say.

Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful Mums out there!




Storing Project Life Cards

It’s become a bit of a problem… how many cards one has in their stash and how to keep them. I have a few packets… (well, ok, lots of packets) of the PL (Project Life) cards and also the SS (Simple Stories) ranges too. Perhaps this might help you decide how you are going to tackle this. To begin with I kept them in their plastic packaging, but it is clear I needed something better so they don’t fall off my shelf. Here is what I started with… Project Life and Simple Stories Cards and I’m tired of rifling through them to find the one I want, and the matching sets. Each of the Simple Stories ranges has 3 packets: a 4×6, 3×4 and Sticker set. I have a few, like “Family” and “Everyday”, “Him” and “Her” etc. We just got a new set in today called “Travel” and I think I need that too. So anyway, Simple Stories Sets Love and Her This is 2 sets, they fit in one of the new 4×6 photo storage boxes that arrived yesterday. Photo storage box for PL cards Then 6 of the boxes fit neatly into this larger box. PL Cinnamon in Storage Box One of these boxes fits about a third of a core kit. So effectively you can fit 2 whole core kits, (over 1200 cards) into one of these sets.  Personally, I still like my PL boxes, and like flipping though the sets, so I’m leaving them in the PL boxes for now and concentration on the smaller sets that I need to sort. Paintables PL cards And I cut the titles from the packaging to add to the inside front of the boxes, so I grab the right box when I’m looking for it. This box has Paintables and overlays in it. Project Life SortingSo, here’s the finished job. Cards are all in the box, and the packaging can be thrown away. I did keep the backs of each packet as it shows whats in it at a glance, and popped them on top and bottom as a reminder of the colourings inside.

4 x6 Storage Box for PL cards
All in all, pretty happy that they all fit.

Project Life Cards in Photo Storage Box

If you would like to order one of these babies let me know – they are $29.95 a set of 6 with the outer box. I can also order just the inner boxes if you like…

They are actually photo boxes… so there’s another reason to love them!

Have a great day!



Mothers Day cards for kids

I’m lucky enough to be volunteering at a local school tomorrow morning to make Mothers Day cards with the little ones. I love doing this so much!

I had to come up with an idea quickly, one that little fingers would be able to do easily and that I had enough stock for 20 kids to play with. We have LOTS of packs of buttons in the shop all staring at me wishing I would choose them… so I did. Do you love that “button saying”? It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Button Mothers Day card

This won’t take long for them to do, each child will choose a patterned paper and then choose their own coloured buttons to stick on… Hoping they will have fun. x

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I just love this little card above – don’t you? Check out anya’s studio here.

Have a great day!



Ever since I saw the movie Frozen I have this darn stupid (incredibly wonderful) song in my head. If my daughter’s not belting it out, then I see it online and even catch myself telling the kids in sing son g voice to  “Let it go… let it go…”
Then I see this about the craft store – I think there’s a few of us who can relate.

Conceal Don't Feel
There’s some pretty good variations of this song out there on you tube – try this one for laughs

And if you haven’t seen Disney’s “Frozen” movie yet – do yourself a favour and go see it. It’s wonderful, but be prepared to have “Let it go” in your head.

I never minded the cold anyway.


Class One

These ladies are embarking on the art journaling journey, and as I left the store they were all introducing themselves. In just a few short weeks they’ll all get to know each other and be sharing and inspiring each other with the arty directions they take.

And getting grotty fingers… Hehe

Art Journaling Class 1 2014

I hope they love their kits and have a lot of fun!

Here’s a couple of pages in my art journal, I was inspired by someone but I can’t remember who… all I know is that it’s not my original idea.

Create Art Journal Page I'm an artistI’ve painted the background with acrylic paint, then added scrap paper circles and triangles. Leaves, stems and petals are drawn on in pen as well as the “hills and foreground”. I’ve also added random stamping too, and then a little bakers twine for the banner.

Each is stamped in the centre with a cute stamp “I’m an artist”. I figure if you say it enough, you might just start believing it. Haha.

And here’s one from my “Class 1″ Backgrounds class with Michelle from way back.

What makes me smile

The tags are only stuck on the ends, so you can flip them up to read the journaling underneath. Fun and bright hey?

Have a good one!


New Art Journal Journey Begins

As I’m setting up for class this morning my mind wanders to each of the ladies who are attending for the next 6 weeks… Where will this new journey take them? What will they discover about creating and inevitably in turn about themselves? We also have a couple who enjoyed it so much they are doing it again… What a wonderful way to get the mojo flowing again in a creative way.

The blank journals all lines up, fresh and new… What will fill these pages?

I hope it’s wonderful and they thoroughly enjoy themselves.


Edit -
Michelle has a couple of places left in this class, if you want to jump in – call me at the shop on 99648288
class starts 6:30 tonight. (Monday 5th May)

Retreat Challenge Layouts

Another scrapbook challenge at our last retreat. This was met with enthusiasm, and interpreted in many different ways. Some of them we had to look hard to be sure every element that was required was there in some shape or form, and each was a “legal” entry…  I have a few to share.

Scrapbook Challenge

Together is a Wonderful Place to BeJo in Wonderland40th Wonderful Uncle Loves youCricket Season This is So Amazing Unique Time to Play Oamaru  A Lifetime is Not Long Enough to Love You Time to Party




Little things

Sometimes when you attend an event like a scrapbooking reteat, we are so excited about the whole prospect of scrapping uninterupted for a WHOLE WEEKEND that I forget how much my ladies appreciate the smaller details as well. I am always overwhelmed with gratitute and emotion by the end of the weekend with so many beautiful ladies thanking me and noticing the little things.  Being amongst kind and caring people is an absolute pleasure, and there are so many little things done by so many that make our weekend together wonderful.

Oh I've had such a curious Dream

We had 50 metres of bunting made from fabric, and a further 50 metres made from doilies. For the fabric bunting , Emily and I just used pinking shears to cut triangles then ran them up on a ribbon using the sewing machine.
The doily bunting was really easy but I didn’t even take a photo, (what kind of scrapbooker do I think I am?) but all we did was fold and tape a doily in half over a ribbon, we used 2 sizes and they looked  so sweet. Sorry I don’t have a photo. Probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it.
Mad Hatter Tea Party Bunting

These old jars made great tea light holders, I glued string around the middles and Andrew fashioned handles from some wire he had in the shed. They have previously hung in our old gum trees at home for a birthday party and looked  celestial. They were great at retreat, lining our outdoor area, where we swapped out all the regular candles for citronella candles to beat the mozzies back.
Mason Jar Tea Lights

Banner toothpicks, who has time to do this I ask you? You know… I even forgot to put these out on the day…. we found a boxful of them when we were packing up. So forgetful!
Eat Me Cupcake Topper

I am very proud of these little teabags in pockets. So cute! On each side of the hanging tab I put an image and the pockets had images too. Took me forever to get the template just right and resize the images to fit. I added prima flowers to the front of each packet when they were all sealed up and inked inked inked. You know me – add Brushed Corduroy to everything! Once I started you know… you just have to ink everything. I was beginning to think I had gone a little mad by the end of it.
Tea Bags Alice in Wonderland Tea Bag Pockets

I forgot to take photos of lots of things, but I remember Sharon ordered in these gorgeous little charms, they matched our theme perfectly and she hung them on the ladies gift-bags.. so sweet!
Mel used hers on her layout, so I’ve cropped a picture of them.
Mad Hatter Charms

Another cupcake topper. This one was printed in a circle and then was cut out with the Cuttlebug scallop circle die. Cute.
I'm Late Cupcake Topper

Do you like the font? We like to have name tags for our ladies each year, it helps for the newbies. Last year we did fancy ones in French theme, so I figured we could give this a go again in the Disney Alice in Wonderland Font. The Scrapbook House is Disney, and the name is Alice In Wonderland. A bit of overlapping and resizing (do NOT ask how long I wasted on these), but all for a good cause…  like I said, the little things. I am just glad it was noticed on the day. I love listening to people get their bags and give a quiet little “Oh, that’s cute” or watch their smiles as they read the signs on the wall printed up with Alice in Wonderland quotes (rotated by Sharon throughout the weekend) A few even used them on layouts and most wanted to keep them. Nice. :)
Alice in Wonderland Font Name Tag

Heres’s the production line in progress making bookmarks. It’s nice to have little momentos to keep after the weekend is long gone.
Bookmarks Alice in Wonderland Bookmark Queen of Hearts

These top hat boxes were made by Jo.. and if that wasn’t a treat enough, she put macarons (that she made from scratch – the best macaron chef I know) inside each one. That’s a LOT of macarons, and a lot of boxes to make for everyone.

Top Hat BoxesInside the Top Hat BoxesThese lolly jars were my favourite gifts though… (well, actually that’s a lie, because the tea cups actually are my favourite retreat item) but they are pretty cute! We filled each jar with lollies, added a little tag with string then lined them up for the ladies to choose their favourites. Mine was empty before the first night, but I still have the jar on my shelf.
Lolly Jar Eat Me

It’s the little things… that make it really nice. Fairy lights and pictures help too!

Mad Hatters Tea Party Decorations

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the “little things”… now to start planning our next retreat for October… I don’t think we can top this. I had better get the brain in gear.

Have a  great day




Retreat Scrapbook Challenge Pack

As well as having a great time dressing up we do actually spend most of our time scrapbooking and paper crafting at our Scrapbook Retreats. So, I thought I’d share some of the pages that were completed over the retreat weekend.

Here are some of the “Challenge Pack” layouts from over the weekend.

Let’s see what they can come up with these little treats in the challenge pack – VERY challenging. :)

To be used in any way we like (We’re not too strict, challenges are just for fun, not sheep stations) I made this little printout using elements from The Graphics Fairy

Product Challenge

Challenge Pack

Mel in Wonderland Botanical Gardens You're my Cup of Tea Hello Happy Days Boy Medal Winner hello friend My girl Fun Together


I can’t remember who won and I was sure there were more… but they all did a terrific job don’t you think?

Have a great day!


We’re all Mad Here

Scrapbooking in Wonderland was such a treat.. we disappeared down the rabbit hole and into a world where it is always tea time.
This is a photo-heavy post – enjoy :)

We made some cute things too… like these little tea bags, bookmarks and labels. A treat for our ladies when they arrived, each received a bag with scrappy goodies and also a tea cup each – how sweet!

On arrival we were given our gifts and scrapbooking challenges were revealed.

Tea Party Time

Scrapbooking in Wonderland

Our bunting for inside was made from doilies and outside was fabric. Jo made some gorgeous little top hat boxes and macarons inside too! So lovely.

We had plenty of decorations, oh what fun!



Had Hatters Tea Party

and this cartoon board painted by Emily and her friends was a hit too.



Soon we settled in to scrap… and we were scrapping up a storm! We may or may not have had enough sleep… but it sure was nice to scrap scrap scrap.

Scrapbook retreat Geraldton

We found time to go shopping… (pi’s definitely allowed!)  at our favourite scrapbook store to stock up on supplies and see all the new and special things for retreat attendees.

The Scrapbook House Shopping

And on Saturday night we all got a little silly.

IMGP8402 - Version 2


Here’s Bronwyn and  myself all dressed up. Thanks to my gorgeous friend Ruth for getting me this costume from her friend. I am so grateful! It looked the part.

Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat


Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Alice and Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter – we sure had fun with this theme. Love you E!

Mad Hatters


Another Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

More madness! Just love these costumes… I hope I haven’t overloaded you with photographs yet… there’s more to come!

Mad Hatter and the Tweedles


We have a Talking Flower, a Queen of Hearts, Queen’s Soldier and Alice (love those shoes!)


Mad Hatters Tea party


Then we have hotty Mad Hatter too!






Mad Hatter Jen


and the Queen of Hearts – how wonderful are these ladies?

Queen of Hearts

So are you tired of photos yet?

Our dinner was fabulous, Raelene always looks after us so very well. And always makes me cry with her generosity, she gives us her all. She is the best! We love you Raelene and David.

Here is where we dined… gorgeous fairy lights (thank you to our beautiful family and friends for all the help setting up and packing up )

Mad Hatters Tea Party Dinner

Raelene surprised me with this incredible cake – she is so awesome. xx

Mad Hatter Cake


It was a triple layer cake with 3 flavours… so wonderful. Then we all dug in for sweets and treats.

Sweets at Golden Pond Retreat


I think I have made up for all the posts I didn’t do last year for retreat. I hope you enjoyed the photos. I will leave you with this last one…

Night xxx

Cheshire Cat


What? No retreat blogpost?

How did that happen? Last night we decided on our retreat theme for 2014, guess what we have this year? Lots of decorating and dress up opportunities!

I was inspired to get into retreat decorating and organising mode again, so I thought to look back and see what I wrote about 2013 – and there was nothing! Oh dear! No photos, no story, nothing! We had a Mad Hatters Tea Party – and it was awesome, but I forgot to blog. November went by in a blur.. then I went on a family holiday for a week, then I guess Christmas happened.

So… I am going to go through the photos and do a late one… a very late one. Here’s a photo I nicked from our facebook page…

Scrapbook Retreat 2013 Group

Crazy gals! More to come soon. So… any ideas what we might be having this year?


Pop up flower cards

Check out our 8 second video – rad skills!

We are doing this tomorrow afternoon with the kids – it’ll be fun!

We have places available if you know a special little someone that might like to come along.
We will be making 2 different types of pop-up cards. Ages 8 -13 Call 99648288 to book.

Catching up

Finding the time to scrapbook photos has always proved a task, and even if you allow yourself a class every fortnight , it’s a fact that you just would always be “behind”.
This has always bothered me.


10 years ago I was up to date, when I used regular albums, but I was just not happy to go back to that style.

This is where the pocket style scrapbooking is perfect. It allows you to keep photos and journaling in order, and don’t have to worry about design so much. Now even those ordinary photos are included.

Here’s a couple of pages I’ve done this week, one from recent photos and the other from the archives.



Although we love Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kits, you can also use 12×12 papers that are cut down – there are a whole lot of different and easy ways to scrap like this… Leaving more special photos to scrap on large pages – that all fit in the same album. Win win!
Have a great day

Harmony Day

Maitland Park was abuzz today with lots of cultural performances, food stalls and workshops. The music was terrific and so many dancers from around the world. What a wonderful place we live!

I was thrilled to be invited to be a part of this community event and to hold some paper-crafting activities for the children.

Emily and I were so busy!!! There’s something so satisfying in my chosen profession, to be inundated with children who all want to have a go and make rosettes from paper using the cuttlebug machine. I just love what I do and am so happy to share this with others.

We had a great time!

Thank you Efana, for inviting me, and thank you Midwest Multicultural Association for having us, and thank you Geraldton for hosting and supporting Harmony Day!

How many photos do you have from the past year?

I see all around me photos are being printed and albums are being created! It’s wonderful how many people are creating treasures again for their families. Project life albums are changing our albums again. It makes me happy.

Lets go back a little in time it where the photographic world began changing with the digital age, oh, I resisted it for so long. I was worried about “quality”. My opinion was that digital allowed you to take so many photos, but they weren’t as good. Nothing could be as good as film and printing from negatives. Granted, we would have lots of photos, and it was good that you could take 10 and delete the worst 9 to get a good shot, but to lose quality was sad.

Then I succumbed and became the proud owner of a lovely SLR Digital camera. Oh boy, it was fun! And… it wasn’t as low quality as I orginally thought. Those of us with Digital cameras proceeded to take many photos… many many many photos. I could change the exposure, see the difference in depth of field immediately, so it opened photography to anyone who could hold a camera. No need to worry about technical side, and no expensive printing… just take a photo, see it straight away, and share it immediately through email or online.

Now we have smart phones, and they take our photos, and we can share a photo on Facebook from any location. On holiday? Snap a pic, send to Facebook and someone in another country can see it immediately. No waiting, no fussing. Easy!

We have never before had so many images in our history, we are bombarded daily and we love it… but I fear that with so many photos surrounding us, we don’t see the need to print them. That there will be families in 50 years who have some old USB’s and some CD’s and some SD cards, and can’t even access them.

What I didn’t account for was that the “quantity” would actually decrease for many people. I reckon if I surveyed the people who live on my street, regular everyday families,  I would find very few who have actually printed more than 24 photos in the past year, but I bet they took hundreds.

So now people have more photos, but many actually have less.

But not our scrapbookers… they are printing photos again enthusiastically  and filling albums for their children and their great great great grandchildren! I am once again filled with hope. Our issue now is being able to cull the photos we take to print the ones we actually need, to tell our story.

Monday night Pam held a Project Life Scrapbooking night at The Scrapbook House and 11 lovely ladies were very busy, there were literally hundreds of photos on the tables.

Here’s a few Project Life pages I’ve done this year.

IMG_5569 IMG_5568 IMG_5567 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5564

I absolutely love digital photography now… the resistance to digital was always going to be futile. I’m glad I finally embraced it,  I hope you do too…  and print some of those photos!



Washi is not sticky tape

Showing hubby one of my new washi tapes today, his response was less than excited. “Isn’t it just sticky tape?” he asked, surprised at my enthusiasm.
What? What was that? Sticky tape? I thought I knew him better than that. Is sticky tape like masking tape? No. Is masking tape like duct tape? No. Do I not know who I married… he doesn’t know about washi tape. Well… he does now. He is a learned man now. (Now he knows to show a little enthusiasm when I show him my new sticky tape)

I was glad to see the new shipment of washi in the store the other day, lots more to choose from. Pretties!

Washi Tape

Washi is removable, so when I decorate something like my keyboard I can yank it off when I feel like a change.

washi keyboard

Wall art with Washi is interesting too, amongst other things.  Check out our Pinterest Board Washi for some more cool ideas. 

washi tape

Pretty Hanging Dresses

It was Sharon’s idea to hang these in a row, don’t you think they look wonderful? A lucky group of kids made these on Wednesday with Emily.

Everyone decorated their own as they liked and then we strung them through the eyelet holes, double looping as we went to prevent them slipping when they were strung up.
A great kids project!

Siamese Sun Lovers

I had another day off today, to laze about, sleep in and catch up on some housework. I don’t usually like Summer cleaning, but after our super hot day the other day of 46, I am warned that there are plenty more days of Summer to endure yet.

My 2 kitties love the heat though… here they are sun baking. Meet Milo and Bailey, my Siamese lovelies.

Milo and Bailey Siamese cats

So I pulled down the Christmas tree ( yay, finally, I know I know… I am slack! ) and it is all packed away in the shed. It gets really hot in there, so I was glad today was such nice weather, did a little vacuuming, cleaned the bathroom cabinet. Phew, that’s enough for me… back to hanging out with the family.
Josh has had us a little concerned for a while now, he’s brewing something, but we can’t put our finger on what it might be. He’s not sick, but something weird is happening, and he’s lethargic, sleeping most of the time and occasionally bringing things up before breakfast. Very unusual, doesn’t seem to have pain, and his blood sugar levels are fine. Weird. The kids are all on “go-slow” with lots of relaxing… just as the holidays should be. Right now, they’re all watching tv.

I’ll leave you with another photo of my kitties sunbathing, I woke them, but they couldn’t open their eyes… too bright!

Siamese cats sun baking in window

Back to work tomorrow.


New tool for papercrafters

If you use intricate dies for cardmaking or scrapbooking, I highly recommend you have a look at this tool.

Tool for dies


Cool huh? Those pesky teeny pieces used to annoy me too! :) If you would like one of these, let me know, the supplier is sending them when they are available and it’s first come, first served.

Have a great day!


Sunshine and Flowers

Memory Box designer Deborah Nolan has created this lovely card using the new stencil and 5 of their dies. I love how it all fits together and think I need one of those stencils myself!

Memory Box Deborah

Deborahs card features one of the new stencils (Texture Shine) and four of the new dies (Small Olive Branch, Large Olive Branch, Adorable Posies, and Fairy Flower Drops), a classic standby die (Butterfly Vine Border), and the ever-versatile Washi Tape Stripes stamp.


  1. Cut white panel and tape to craft sheet; position and tape stencil over panel.
  2. Apply Scattered Straw ink with foam applicator. Follow with Dried Marigold ink at upper edge, blending into Scattered Straw.
  3. Die cut: 2 Small Olive Branches and 1 Large Olive Branch from Dill cardstock; 1 Flower Fairy Drops, 1 Adorable Posies from Cherry Blossom cardstock, 1 Adorable Posies from Dill; 1 Butterfly Vine Border from Silver Soiree Shimmer cardstock.
  4. Apply Stickles to butterflies and set aside to dry.
  5. Apply Worn Lipstick ink to Flower Fairy Drops (buds) and Adorable Posies; apply light application of Stickles and set aside to dry. Assemble flowers when dry.
  6. Adhere Olive Branches, flowers, and butterflies.
  7. Adhere pearls to flower centers.
  8. Stamp Washi Tape with Banana Custard and stamp sentiment.
  9. Cut Washi Tape from paper; edge with Dried Marigold ink and adhere to panel.
  10. Make card base and adhere panel to card using foam dimensional tape. 

Be sure to visit the Memory Box website, let me know if you would like me to order you anything you have your eye on.

Have a great day!