Pop up flower cards

Check out our 8 second video – rad skills!

We are doing this tomorrow afternoon with the kids – it’ll be fun!

We have places available if you know a special little someone that might like to come along.
We will be making 2 different types of pop-up cards. Ages 8 -13 Call 99648288 to book.

Catching up

Finding the time to scrapbook photos has always proved a task, and even if you allow yourself a class every fortnight , it’s a fact that you just would always be “behind”.
This has always bothered me.


10 years ago I was up to date, when I used regular albums, but I was just not happy to go back to that style.

This is where the pocket style scrapbooking is perfect. It allows you to keep photos and journaling in order, and don’t have to worry about design so much. Now even those ordinary photos are included.

Here’s a couple of pages I’ve done this week, one from recent photos and the other from the archives.



Although we love Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kits, you can also use 12×12 papers that are cut down – there are a whole lot of different and easy ways to scrap like this… Leaving more special photos to scrap on large pages – that all fit in the same album. Win win!
Have a great day

Harmony Day

Maitland Park was abuzz today with lots of cultural performances, food stalls and workshops. The music was terrific and so many dancers from around the world. What a wonderful place we live!

I was thrilled to be invited to be a part of this community event and to hold some paper-crafting activities for the children.

Emily and I were so busy!!! There’s something so satisfying in my chosen profession, to be inundated with children who all want to have a go and make rosettes from paper using the cuttlebug machine. I just love what I do and am so happy to share this with others.

We had a great time!

Thank you Efana, for inviting me, and thank you Midwest Multicultural Association for having us, and thank you Geraldton for hosting and supporting Harmony Day!

How many photos do you have from the past year?

I see all around me photos are being printed and albums are being created! It’s wonderful how many people are creating treasures again for their families. Project life albums are changing our albums again. It makes me happy.

Lets go back a little in time it where the photographic world began changing with the digital age, oh, I resisted it for so long. I was worried about “quality”. My opinion was that digital allowed you to take so many photos, but they weren’t as good. Nothing could be as good as film and printing from negatives. Granted, we would have lots of photos, and it was good that you could take 10 and delete the worst 9 to get a good shot, but to lose quality was sad.

Then I succumbed and became the proud owner of a lovely SLR Digital camera. Oh boy, it was fun! And… it wasn’t as low quality as I orginally thought. Those of us with Digital cameras proceeded to take many photos… many many many photos. I could change the exposure, see the difference in depth of field immediately, so it opened photography to anyone who could hold a camera. No need to worry about technical side, and no expensive printing… just take a photo, see it straight away, and share it immediately through email or online.

Now we have smart phones, and they take our photos, and we can share a photo on Facebook from any location. On holiday? Snap a pic, send to Facebook and someone in another country can see it immediately. No waiting, no fussing. Easy!

We have never before had so many images in our history, we are bombarded daily and we love it… but I fear that with so many photos surrounding us, we don’t see the need to print them. That there will be families in 50 years who have some old USB’s and some CD’s and some SD cards, and can’t even access them.

What I didn’t account for was that the “quantity” would actually decrease for many people. I reckon if I surveyed the people who live on my street, regular everyday families,  I would find very few who have actually printed more than 24 photos in the past year, but I bet they took hundreds.

So now people have more photos, but many actually have less.

But not our scrapbookers… they are printing photos again enthusiastically  and filling albums for their children and their great great great grandchildren! I am once again filled with hope. Our issue now is being able to cull the photos we take to print the ones we actually need, to tell our story.

Monday night Pam held a Project Life Scrapbooking night at The Scrapbook House and 11 lovely ladies were very busy, there were literally hundreds of photos on the tables.

Here’s a few Project Life pages I’ve done this year.

IMG_5569 IMG_5568 IMG_5567 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5564

I absolutely love digital photography now… the resistance to digital was always going to be futile. I’m glad I finally embraced it,  I hope you do too…  and print some of those photos!




Showing hubby one of my new washi tapes today, his response was less than excited. “Isn’t it just sticky tape?” he asked, surprised at my enthusiasm.
What? What was that? Sticky tape? I thought I knew him better than that. Is sticky tape like masking tape? No. Is masking tape like duct tape? No. Do I not know who I married… he doesn’t know about washi tape. Well… he does now. He is a learned man now. (Now he knows to show a little enthusiasm when I show him my new sticky tape)

I was glad to see the new shipment of washi in the store the other day, lots more to choose from. Pretties!

Washi Tape

Washi is removable, so when I decorate something like my keyboard I can yank it off when I feel like a change.

washi keyboard

Wall art with Washi is interesting too, amongst other things.  Check out our Pinterest Board Washi for some more cool ideas. 

washi tape

Pretty Hanging Dresses

It was Sharon’s idea to hang these in a row, don’t you think they look wonderful? A lucky group of kids made these on Wednesday with Emily.

Everyone decorated their own as they liked and then we strung them through the eyelet holes, double looping as we went to prevent them slipping when they were strung up.
A great kids project!

Siamese Sun Lovers

I had another day off today, to laze about, sleep in and catch up on some housework. I don’t usually like Summer cleaning, but after our super hot day the other day of 46, I am warned that there are plenty more days of Summer to endure yet.

My 2 kitties love the heat though… here they are sun baking. Meet Milo and Bailey, my Siamese lovelies.

Milo and Bailey Siamese cats

So I pulled down the Christmas tree ( yay, finally, I know I know… I am slack! ) and it is all packed away in the shed. It gets really hot in there, so I was glad today was such nice weather, did a little vacuuming, cleaned the bathroom cabinet. Phew, that’s enough for me… back to hanging out with the family.
Josh has had us a little concerned for a while now, he’s brewing something, but we can’t put our finger on what it might be. He’s not sick, but something weird is happening, and he’s lethargic, sleeping most of the time and occasionally bringing things up before breakfast. Very unusual, doesn’t seem to have pain, and his blood sugar levels are fine. Weird. The kids are all on “go-slow” with lots of relaxing… just as the holidays should be. Right now, they’re all watching tv.

I’ll leave you with another photo of my kitties sunbathing, I woke them, but they couldn’t open their eyes… too bright!

Siamese cats sun baking in window

Back to work tomorrow.